Is haka is being abused
by those overseas. This was one of the discussion
points of the Haka Symposium hosted by Auckland University
of Technology today. A symposium aimed at reviving and
discussing the gifts of Tane Rore. This is one of the first Symposiums to gather all these masters
of Maori performing arts. One of the major concerns
raised at the hui was the misuse of the
haka by the masses. We see American football
teams doing the haka, but not how it was
meant to be done. I agree with Rahera’s sentiments –
haka is being abused by outsiders. The problem is that they do it
without consultation. They simply take and abuse. So is there a way
around this problem? We can’t avoid it. Outsiders, like America, see the
passion and the fire in haka and they think ‘We should do that’ oblivious to the proper
processes and customs. Despite these problems, the customs
of our elders are alive and strong. Haka has improved, apart from those
who jump around like monkeys, but haka is on the way up. This Symposium finishes tonight. Heta Gardiner, Te Karere.