I did a bachelors
in science and honours in
biology at Acadia University
and then I did a masters in
rehab sciences and occupational
therapy at the University
of Alberta afterwards I
worked with kids in the
school system for three years
and then I decided to pursue
hand therapy as a student I
had taken a module in
hand therapy as well as
a placement and it just really
sparked my interest in this area
and I knew that I wanted to pursue
it In Canada,
this is the only kind of fellowship of
its kind in a teaching centre
so I just kind of looked into it
similarly, looked at the key players here
and was really impressed with
their accolaides and I met
Dr. Shrikant Chinchalker at one of the national
hand therapy conferences
and was just really impressed
with his ability to teach and his passion for
this area and just his willingness to
share that with others
I would say that this program completely
exceeded my expectations I had no idea that
I would be able to observe surgical
procedures and then hours later be
able to treat that patient I had no idea that
every week I would be part of
a small group with learning alongside
surgical fellows and that we’d be
able to direct that learning and relate
it to research that I’m doing
in this area I had no idea
that I’d be supported by so many billiant
minds who are also very passionate
about teaching and who I would be just
very excited to pass on that knowledge
to others Ihad no idea that I’d
be part of a group or team that is just
so innovaive and forward thinking
in just so many facets I feel very fortunate
being able to do a fellowship
at the Roth | McFarlane
centre it is internationally
acclaimed and its for a
good reason not only has
everyone been very welcoming and
just so amazing at sharing their knowledge
its really sparked something in me to really push
for being part of something great
like this centre