[MUSIC] During summer semester, College of DuPage’s study abroad program will travel to China for an immersive learning
experience in the world’s most populous country. Enjoy field trips and excursions
to regional historical sites including the Terracotta Warriors, Tiananmen Square
and the Forbidden City. Visit palaces and museums, ancient temples, hike the Great
Wall and experience the bustling city of Beijing. Spend a month in China living at
Xian International University earning six or seven credits in Chinese language
and humanities. The rise of China has made it clear – those who have first-hand
experience in China will have an advantage in terms of employment,
becoming Future Leaders and being prepared for an international workplace.
By living in Xian and interacting with Chinese students and the community, you
will begin to see the world in a new way. This kind of insight doesn’t come from
textbooks. Explore the wonders of Chinese culture, learn the Chinese language and
witness its scenic beauty. Apply early for this amazing study
abroad to China. [MUSIC]