Sometimes architecture is more
than a house for someone or more than a
building or a public square. It can be kind of a marker of
culture and time and place and the
people who were using it. My name’s Andrew and I’m
studying the Master of
Architecture at
UniSA. The brief for our final year was based in the lower half of North
Adelaide, where the Women’s
and Children’s Hospital is. What our lecturer was
interested in was that the
hospital was moving and that we should
actually start thinking about
an adaptive re-use of that space
or something that just kind of transforms
this kind of long established North Adelaide culture and
either disrupts it or kind of is complementary to
it. So my response to the brief was
a Rights Centre for the Artificially
Intelligent. We’re seeing Artificial
Intelligence come into our
homes more often through things like
Siri and Alexa. We’re not actually really
thinking about what are these things, and, you know, what
does the house that’s designed for Siri look like? My
experience at UniSA has been amazing. Everyone who is a researcher
here has been an architect in
the past. And everyone who teaches us has
been an architect. So they also have an
understanding themselves of, this is what you need to be a
good graduate coming into the
workforce. So I finished last Friday and I
walked into a full time position this
Monday. UniSA really makes you excited
about architecture. I feel like what I’ve learnt
here is directly applicable to practice.