This spring our U.S. senators and representatives
will be making important decisions about federal education funding included in the Every Student
Succeeds Act known as E-S-S-A. As the College Board’s head of AP program
and a former AP student myself, I want to share with you just how much is currently
at stake for ambitious, motivated AP students. In 1999, more than 45 thousand low-income
students were able to take AP exams at no cost because of federal funding. Since then, that number has increased ten-fold,
meaning that more than 450 thousand low-income students used federal funds to take AP exams
last year. The scores those students earned on their
AP exams had the potential to save them and their families over 300 million dollars in
college tuition. Helping low-income students access the promise
of AP is a shared responsibility and the College Board is proud to contribute 30 million dollars
of our own funds, each year, for AP exam fee reductions. But even so many low-income students would
simply not be able to take AP exams without the federal funds they are now at risk of
losing. We all want to do our part to make sure that
students are able to claim the opportunities they’ve earned, so please contact your U.S.
senators and representative and urge them to show their commitment to low-income AP
students by fully funding Title IV part A of the Every Student Succeeds Act. To learn more, visit CollegeBoard dot o-r-g
slash A-P dash E-S-S-A. Thank you i advance for your support together
we can continue to do the right thing for low-income students and their families.