The American Language Institute or ALI
is a USC department that provides English language assessment instruction
and resources to support the academic and professional success of non-native
English speakers pursuing a degree a USC. So even if you’ve studied English for eight, ten, twelve years, as many of our students have, There’s a lot of refinement that needs to occur for effective communication in these more high stakes, more rules driven communication. The primary goal
in teaching oral skills at the ALI is to equip students with the ability to communicate fluently with accuracy and precision I want you to be able to take specialized knowledge that you have in your field. Your research, your interests, your passions, and communicate that effectively to a variety of audiences. It was August 2014 when I came And at that time, I couldn’t speak at all And especially it’s very hard for a PhD student if you cannot speak what you are thinking. My advisor, he said one time that I really should work on my speaking because he
knows that I work actually hard and he knows there’s a lot of things going on
in my mind but I have a hard time to articulate them I feel like we are honest about the important moments in our lives how do we get that information? Most often it was a conversation. And so, conversation skills really matter. So we can ask follow-up questions, clarifying, So that we don’t misunderstand and so we know how to respond Not to brag but I think my English has improved really a lot so now people don’t really have a hard time understanding me and also my listening improved a lot too. I finally I can understand the jokes they
make and the academic writing is really and I can make jokes too. The academic writing is really crucial to our student success here at
the University and so they need to demonstrate the ability to write at an appropriate standard for an academic audience. Students often come into class not understanding all the academic conventions and what
makes academic writing different from everyday speaking and the ALI classes
can help them by giving them more grammar instruction, more vocabulary. I
hope that the students can see English come alive in the classroom and that it
can be an accessible language for them This is a safe space for you to get
meaningful detailed feedback from a expert who’s there to help you develop
or deepen your English language skills whether it’s as a speaker or a writer. And I hope you take advantage of that.