– I like my patients to
have a fairly active role in their own healthcare. I think a well-educated patient,
a patient that comes in, that has gone over the Internet,
or found some magazine, and read up on what they
possibly might have, often this information is not accurate, but the fact that these patients go and try and seek information, I feel really happy about that, because I see it as a participation, that the goal is mutual participation, where we work together to try and improve the patient’s health outcome, and not a one-way
directed physician telling the patient what to do. And so, my favorite patients
are those who’ve already done their homework, and come
ready to ask me 10 questions about why this drug, not that drug. What are the side effects? What to expect. Because I feel that they
are the ones who have taken personal charge of their health, and are active partners,
they’re the leaders and my goal is to be a
partner and they be the leader in directing their own healthcare. My patients are what drives what we do. My passion for everything that we do is driven by the feedback
that we get from patients, and the chance to make
even a small difference and even sometimes a
really large difference in somebody else’s life.