Hello, my name is Drew Gerald, and you’ve
came across this invitation because you are looking for support from a community
of like-minded people on a similar path as you. You are ready and able to hear
the truth about how you’ve been showing up in the world, and are willing to do
whatever it takes to break through these cycles of struggle limitation and
suffering once and for all. This is a path for the modern-day person
who is looking to embody genuine spiritual awakening. It is a process of
being able to peel back and pierce the veil to discover the truth about your
reality in how you’re showing up in the world. “The Fellowship” is a gathering of
like-minded people who are coming together to support each other on their
own Hero’s Journey. It’s a select group of people who have committed themselves
to waking up, and to discovering the truth about reality. Oftentimes, we are on
this path of awakening, of self-discovery, of transformation, on our own because the
environments that we grow in don’t quite get it. They’re not supportive or they
have no context for what we’re going through. Without a fellowship, without a
group of like-minded people supporting us on this mission, on our path, we can
get stuck. We can get lost. We can feel lonely. We can feel as if nobody knows
what we’re going through. So throughout the centuries, people have
done this time and time again. They have gathered under common principles values and
beliefs to support and connect with each other. At the core of The Fellowship group work is
giving and receiving feedback without taking it personal, without giving it
meaning, or making yourself or the other person wrong. I discovered through years
of doing this group work the benefits clients had in working with other people.
Unlike when we’re on our own, and we’re stuck in our own head, and we only have
our own worldview and our own experiences; the group dynamic allows us
to have multiple reference points. When you get data and feedback from others
that are not part of your own belief systems, your own distortions, your own
filters and projections, you’re able to begin to triangulate on the truth.
And this truth is what will set you free. The Fellowship is the doorway to my
higher level training of “Holographic Alchemy” which is a path towards
embodying genuine spiritual awakening. This path revolves around the ancient
teachings of the Mystery Schools, along with modern-day, cutting-edge technology
that allows us to bypass decades – even lifetimes – of struggle and suffering.
Holographic Alchemy starts with the word ‘holographic’. This comes from the
hermetic principle of ‘ as above so below’. In practical terms, this means how we do one
thing is how we do anything. The ‘alchemy’ aspect is based on the ancient principle
of alchemy which talks about how we turn lead into gold. How this applies
practically is by diving into the aspects of our shadow: the things that we
hide and suppress that we don’t want to look at. This process allows us to take
those things and turn them into the most powerful and beautiful gifts that
we can then share with the world. Not everybody is called to this work. The
reason it’s the most important work that you can be doing, is not just because
it’s showing you how to get out of your head and drop in your body. It’s not only
because you’ll cultivate intuition and super sensory abilities. It’s not only
because you’ll learn how to feel and see things that nobody else sees.
By you partaking in this group… you uncover… the deepest… most beautiful gifts… inside of you. And through this process… of transmuting the things that you hate,
despise, and reject in yourself – and turning those into the best, and most
loving gifts that you have to offer the world – you have a chance to make a
difference. As you learn how to move through the world in a new way, you set
an example for the people around you. This is what changes the world. You have a purpose. You have a mission.
You don’t have time to waste decades of your life trying to struggle
and fumble figuring this all out on your own. This is why you need the most
advanced, accelerated process available. This work allows us to accelerate our
journey, to accelerate the path of healing and transformation, so you have
more time to create impact, legacy, and value for your community and the people
that you love. If you’re ready to make the truth more important than anything
else in your life… If you’re ready to be supported in a community of like-minded
people and receive feedback at the highest levels… and you’re ready to
embody genuine spiritual awakening… then I’d love for you to join us in The Fellowship!