Hello, this is Mirii! Today I introduce some housing options around MiraCosta College. Hi! Hi! Come on in. This is my apartment and here’s my roommate Marina. Here’s living room. Hi, I’m Marina. Hey. Can you show your room? Ya, sure. Okay, here’s bed, and television and mirror. Did you buy all this stuff? Ya, I bought all this stuff from my friends and some… So like, TV and printer I bought from the store. Okay, thank you so much! Thank you! Suggestions from Students If you want, if you want to share, share the apartment with somebody, you have to have your own responsibility to sign up for the contract for the apartment. And the, also you have to keep the room and the just clean the room, each room. When I lived with a host family, I paid $700 per month, which is including two meals per day. Then right now, I’m paying $300 to rent a room, which it is very economical for my pocket. So if you want to save your money, I recommend you to share the apartment with your friends. Homestay Advantages: Experience American culture and improve English Some meals provided Help with housing issues Disadvantages: Have to follow host family rules May struggle with cultural differences Roommates/Apartments Advantages: Set you own house rules Choose who to live with Disadvantages: Fix all your own meals and pay for additional expenses May run into trouble with money and relationships if you don’t set rules at the start Responsible for personal and financial safety Right now I live with my great roommates and I really have a fun time with them. And I hope this video is helpful for you. Thank you for watching! Bye!