hi I’m sky and I’m making this video to
talk about NSLI-Y which is a fully funded scholarship – for high school
students to study abroad in foreign countries and the purpose of this
scholarship is to study languages that are deemed as critical languages by the
u.s. Department of State it’s funded by the u.s. Department of State and they
offer many less commonly learned languages such as Korean Mandarin
Russian Arabic tajiki and several other languages when you apply for NSLI-Y you
have the option to apply for summer program which is six to eight weeks or
an academic year program which is eight to ten months last year I participated
in the Korean summer program which took place in Seoul and I got to study at Ewha
Woman’s University for six weeks there was also two other locations in Korea
there was a program in Jeonju and there was program I forgot where but somewhere
else in Korea (The other program was in Songdo) and during summer programs students study in country universities
and stay with host family and basically the daily routine is you go to the
University in the morning till around like early afternoon then you might have
other activities on some days like culture activities and on other days you
have the rest of the day just to study or look around or go spend time with
your host family I’m currently a semi-finalists for the Korean academic
year program which is an eight to ten month program in Seoul where students
get to go to Korean high school and get to have intensive language study classes
so one major part of NSLI-Y is the oral proficiency interview or the
OPI which is a very stressful thing for any students who have been on NSLI-Y or are on NSLI-Y currently so what it is is it’s a test which is or
like an interview where someone will call you on the phone and it’ll all be
in Korean and so everything asking questions is in
Korean and you have to respond fully in Korean and the interview on the phone will gauge
your level and ask you questions based on where they perceive your level to be
and if you have any previous language experience before the program you’ll be
asked to take this test and you’ll get your results during the orientation and
when I took this test my pre program results were not as high and then the
whole goal of the program is that when you’re done with the program you get
back home to America and take this interview again that your results will
be like well obviously like higher and I believe in that academic your program
you take like practice versions of the OPI every month but yeah one major
reason I decided to apply for the academic year program after coming back from
the summer program was because I was able to improve so much in only six
weeks I went from novice high on the OPI to intermediate high and so I was like
whoa I could improve so much if I do the academic year program so that’s one of
the main reasons I decided to reapply because I improved more in those six
weeks in Korea than I did in all the years of self-study and some
supplemental classes here in America so I was like I really want to do this so
the application process for Nestle is really long and a lot of waiting it
starts around fall like early fall and you submit an application with several
essays about yourself about the language you want to study and why several other
essay prompts and you submit a trap transcript teacher recommendation parent
recommendation and like sign forms and then you here in December if you become
a semi-finalists and if you become a semi-finalists you have to fill out
medical evaluation forms signed by like doctors it’s unlike dentist and in
January or February you’ll get an email to schedule a interview
sorry not January February December or January you’ll get an email to schedule
an interview in which you go usually to a interview location or if you’re in an
area what there’s not a lot of other applicants then you’ll either have a
Skype interview or an interview at someone’s house I believe but yeah so my
interview took place in January and now it’s just a lot of waiting because
results for summer tend to come out in March and results for the year programs
tend to come out in April and I’ve heard I’m not sure but I’ve heard that the
Korean academic year is the last one to come out which really sucks cuz that’s
just like waiting and waiting and that’ll be like even after all my
college admissions come out so that’ll be like kind of stressful to like make a
decision and to like defer colleges before commitment day so yeah we’ll see
I’m really anxious to see whether I get in or not but yeah I think it’s
something every high school student who has any interest in languages should
definitely apply for it cuz it’s honestly such a great experience you
make so many friends from other states around the u.s. who have similar
interested you in the same language and culture and you get to make so many
great friends I still keep in contact with a lot of people from the program
and it’s been like over half a year since
I’ve even visited some of them and yeah you mean you could just got to make
really great friends that you probably wouldn’t make otherwise and also you got
to make me so many great people in the country you get supporters during the
summer program which are Korean college students or college age students
who help you with studying Korean and I’ve made so many great friends among
them and still keep in contact with a lot of them and I’m planning on going
back to Korea in the summer and I”ve like already even planned to meet a bunch of
my supporters so I really recommend this program it’s great for language
improvement and it’s great for making new connections both with other American
students and with people in country so that’s pretty much all I have to talk
about for NSLI-Y for right now and I guess I’ll update on this video in April
when I see whether I got in or not hopefully I do and yeah thank you for