How did your study abroad experience
impact your academic or career goals? So I kind of have a unique- well I guess- answer.
When I was studying abroad in Florence Italy I had really talked to and got
involved in the skateboarding community of Florence. Met a lot of people that way
and really really helped my Italian. I picked it up extremely quickly because none of them spoke English, but they had told me about Bologna’s skate park. It was really the next city
over. It was like a 20 minute train ride and I went to Bologna’s skate park and I
had met Matteo Cirelli. And for those who don’t know skateboarding he’s like the
Tony Hawk in Europe like Tony Hawk did was the first to do 900 the chance to
rally did it a month later it’s up seven feet higher and Apollonia skate park let
alone I didn’t I didn’t know that he would be mentoring me I actually stand
up for four weeks since able to live with him in his family and he had put me
on his skateboarding team so I got a lifelong sponsorship out of it and he
still who sent me 12 boards from Italy handcrafted with love from him along
with some balsamic vinegar and asiago cheese but um he is really taking care
of me it really I never thought I would ever get that out of skateboard for out
of my study abroad experience so so that was a really big pleasant surprise and
he had actually felt me do everything towards my goals of going pro I just was
able to do this last month officially was my first pro model and without
his help of all the connections that he knew I wouldn’t have ever gotten as far
and without studying abroad I wouldn’t have met Matteo so I am so sincerely
thankful for the entire experience.