How did your study abroad experience
impact your academic or career goals? So it’s really hard for me to pinpoint
my career and academic goals, but after being in Paris I had the opportunity um- AIFS
sent out an email from this woman looking for an English teacher for her
five-year-old daughter, and so I applied for the job and got it, and it was really
exciting to teach English to a little girl there, but also get a lot of
cultural exchange from her, and her family, and her little brother.
Just being in that environment is really cool. So I learned that at least for
right now, my hope is to get a degree in teaching, and go abroad and teach English
as a Second Language so that’s kind of the next step that I’ve been taking in
my life, but it definitely wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t gone abroad and had
that opportunity to study abroad and and meet other families.