Many of you guys asked on how to come Germany as a Student, well this is the video for that I thought to share my experience but its already outdated so I thought to take new students for they share their experiences to us lets make a small Intro and jump into the video everyone is from TamilNadu and they are doing their thesis in different Companies soon they will get a Job before getting in detail lets ask why they chose Germany and why technische Hochschule Ingolstadt I chose Germany because I am crazy about Automobiles I did my Bachelors in Mechanical where I designed a Car by myself I thought of US but due to Visa issues there, I chose Germany When Comparing, the biggest issue with Germany is just the language barrier then I researched which university offers courses in English then I found technische Hochschule Ingolstadt as they were offering Automobile course I did my Bachelors in EEE and worked in Bosch India and I got interest towards automobile then I wanted to do Masters in Automobile I had two options, US and Germany, but when focusing on Automobiles I chose Germany since I had work experience in Bosch, I chose Germany as this is the headquarters of Bosch I did my Bachelors in Mechanical and worked under IT I had more interest towards a course which is mixed with mechanical and IT then I found technische Hochschule Ingolstadt offering International Automotive Engineering Lets ask about the requirements for Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt lets ask them how did they applied, did they used consultancy service or not I used DAAD.DE to search for the universities and to apply its a website maintained by German officials and you can find almost everything there select the university from the list and check for the requirements, tuition fess, etc for technische Hochschule you need these requirements 1. Bachelors in Mech, EEE or related course 2. TOEFL or IELTS the scores will be graded and it will be changing yearly, so check the website at the time of applying 3. 210 credits from your Bacelors and Work Experience of minimum 1 year work experience is not a requirement for many other universities in Germany – check DAAD website 4. Documents submission should be made through UNI ASSIST uni assist will evaluate your documents and will forward to the universities of your choice and it is not free of cost – regarding price check uni assist website on the date of application uni assist service is not applicable for all the universities, check the requirements before applying hope this helped you, following I will be explaining the requirements from year 2012 which I used no work experience was needed in year 2012 English proficiency certificate from Bachelors college was enough to be safe better prepare all the required documents I sent the documents after making a notary stamp on each document use this link to land directly to university hunting page in year 2012 I was paying 492 Euros per semester at a certain period the university was upgraded from Fachhochschule to Technische Hochschule and then we paid just 42 Euros per Semester so this is the Part 1 video explaining why Germany, why THI and how to apply, etc maybe I will make a separate video on how to filter the universities from the link I said you if you don’t wanna miss those videos just subscribe and press bell icon for notification to watch part 2, just click the subscribe button and press the bell icon to get notification