How To Become A Travel Counsellor what’s up everybody Larry Porter here
and we are back once again and if you serious about becoming a travel
counselor guess what I got good news for you so stay tuned now I want to share a
couple of tips with you guys okay when trying to become a travel counselor good
thing you’re gonna need is knowledge okay you’re gonna need to know where to
go and how to book clients how to get through the best rates you’re gonna need
a travel website yes you’re gonna need this you’re gonna need the travel
website where you can send clients friends family etc where they can book
their own cruises vacation packages vice versa or you can book it for them okay
and number twos you’re gonna need vendor access you gonna be access to all the
top major vendors because people want travel counseling but guess what you
also need to be have the ability to book travel for them okay so position
yourself knowledge of and the industry How To Become A Travel Counsellor and as well as have all the available
resources and tools to book for your clients okay because people gonna ask
questions and you need to be very large about the industry as well as half of
everything you need to book vacation cruises whatever okay for your clients
okay so position yourself as the leader the expert the bland brand yourself
online as well travel expert and guys you can do this very very easy nowadays
we are in the future where the Internet is overcrowded with information okay you
can simply look up information read e-books retraining videos about the
travel industry and share the information back in the marketplace
maybe using a social media platform such as YouTube for
Facebook brand yourself okay and once you get started in this industry are you
doing the brand self and become very knowledgeable okay now here’s what I
recommend doing if you don’t know where to go to find valuable information
valuable tools valuable resources how to become knowledgeable in the tribal
industry partner with a host travel agency okay this is what I did and it
really really has blessed me because I didn’t have any knowledge about the
travel industry at all whatsoever so may you make it we partner with the host
travel agency well we just really been rocking about grinding and learning
everything became about the travel industry do we know everything no but we
have some knowledge of the travel industry and we able to share knowledge
back to our marketplace so keep it in mind going for so if you’re really
serious about becoming a travel counselor gain knowledge
half the schools on standby so when people ask questions you know the
answers and when people ask for vacation prices guess what you have the tools to
do it with okay so I want to put you guys on a presentation this disappoints
you in the right direction this is actually the presentation of the host
agency that made you make the joint so if you really serious about becoming a
travel counselor and agent become certified right away you can do so
through this host agency so you’ll have to wait try to get a certification you
can go ahead and become certified by partnering with these host travel agency
so well what you need to do right now is click that link below this video watch
this presentation learn more information if you got any questions comments
whatever leave the comments below this video
okay I would love to on work with you all of me and your makers so hey feel
free watch the presentation connect with this and Facebook and all the good stuff
so we’ll see you guys our next video so watch that video click that link below
and see you guys on the other side alright be blessed and happy mark How To Become A Travel Counsellor