Hi there! My name is Leticia and this is LAL speak to the world. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about studying abroad? For me to study abroad means to jet off to a completely new place in the world and live a totally different way of life. Thinking about all the experiences you can have when you’re living in another country makes it a real dream for most people on the one hand and a big challenge, on the other hand. I’ve been dreaming about living abroad since I was a teenager and today here I am living in New York. A Brazilian living in New York Yes, I’m Brazilian. So I assure you that if you share the same dream that I had you should just go for it besides all the difficulties. All the experiences that I’m having are beyond everything that I could ever imagine. But today let’s talk about the first big challenge we all have: Convincing our parents. I’m going to show you a few sneaky steps you can take to get your parents to join your side of the force. Do your research and start saving money! These two things are going to show your parents how much you want to do it and that you’re prepared for it. Another way of letting you parents know that you’re doing your research is to mention some cool facts about your preferred places during dinner, for example Mom, did you know that more than 800 languages are spoken in New York City? It is the most linguistically diverse city in the world. I could certainly learn much more English if I went there. Mom, Did you know that France gave to the United States the Statue of Liberty in 1886, I guess. There’s so much history there The second thing you can do is to hide some things around. This is like a treasure hunt as your parents don’t know the place. So if you want to go to London, for example, you can find some blog articles about London and leave it open on the family’s iPad. Or the family’s main computer. Or you can take them to London inspired places such as restaurants and pubs. When they realise they’ll be keen on going to London instead of you. Be careful! Another thing is to make sure that your parents know that there will always be someone to take care of you. At LAL we take good care of our students. In the summer schools we have staff 24 hours available for you. And in the school we always make sure that our students are having the time of their lives. In Cape Town, for example, we have the traditional braai. It’s just grilling that happens on Monday evenings and everybody have a lot of fun, we socialize. It’s very cool. Going abroad is not the same as forgetting about your parents so promise that you gonna be in touch with them constantly and let them know what’s happening to you. Keep the promise! As you can see there are many secret weapons for you to turn your naysayers into your most loyal supporters. Some of them will work for you, some won’t but all that matters is that you’ll actually manage to experience this amazing adventure. Now, I want to know, guys, have you been studying English abroad before? What were the techniques that you used to convince your parents to get on board with you? For more tips like these make sure to subscribe to our channel and follow us on Instagram. Thanks for watching! Bye!