I usually eat an orange by just like
shoving it in my mouth because they’re so delicious! I devour it what if you took
it slowly, took your time? What if you investigated your orange like a scientist? Notice what you see, smell feel and hear this little popping noise like Szzt szzt Like flowers it’s squishy Now we’re finally gonna eat it but we’re gonna eat
it very slowly you might take a whole minutes just finish the one little slice
open your mouth put it on your tongue close your mouth
try not to chew it yet just notice how it feels in your mouth notice if it
tastes anything again not be gonna chew one bite at a time
noticing how it changes with each chew chew very slowly
how does it taste they didn’t notice anything different
he’s different it was more sweeter because I mean every orange is sweet but
this one is worse sweetie how do you think nose would be different create
more manfully they would taste a lot better and you couldn’t save her your
food you’re just all calm and peaceful and you know you’re not in a rush
can you try to remember to take one more bite
I do your next meal