hey everyone welcome to my channel today
is a really special day for me because just in a couple of hours I’m moving to
another country I’m going to Asia and I will work there actually I move a lot
around the world I lived in India Africa I visited many European countries I
studied in the United States but what I want to tell you about in this video is
that actually I don’t have a lot of money for all of this traveling I just
know how to find opportunities and programs abroad that allow me to travel
to see the world and to live the life that I’m living now and I’ve been
searching and finding such program for more than four years now so I became
kind of an expert in that and I decided to share my knowledge with everyone so
if you are interested continue watching I will tell you about different programs
and resources to find opportunities abroad you know many people say that the
Internet is such a bad influence for our world but I have completely another
opinion internet gives us so many opportunities like I found a program on
internet and it allowed me to go to the United States and study there for free I
found different scholarships that covered different international forums I
lived in 5-star hotels met incredible people and learned just amazing things
and it was all programs that I found on internet actually originally I’m from a
very small city in Russia well it’s not even the city it is just a small town and
to be honest my family is not rich at all but I made a decision to travel and
to see the world and I found these opportunities so I want to share my
experience now and guys there are so many opportunities out there you just
have to know how to find them my flight to Asia is in a couple of
hours and now I’m taking my last memorable walk in Moscow well the first program that I will tell
you about is named AIESEC and AIESEC is an international organization managed
entirely by students from 130 countries but you can also go to AIESEC
internships even if you are not a student
well I joined AIESEC when I was 17 I’ve never been been abroad then but it’s
entirely changed my life I became a project manager of interns who came to
Moscow from all over the world and after that project I had friends from so many
countries so I started to travel to visit them and it was amazing I promise
you if you join Isaac you will have runs from every corner of the world
so in AIESEC there are three kinds of internships global citizen when you can
go to volunteer abroad to any country and stay there from one one month to
three months and it’s an amazing experience where you meet people from
all over the world also you can go to an internship which is called global talent
which is a professional one and you can find a job of your speciality like
marketing medicine ecology or basically anything and the third type of
internship is called global entrepreneur where you can find internship in some
startup and you can have experience in a really interesting area in start guys actually I’m already in the airport
and I’m boarding my flight right now so you will be following my way from
Russian to Vietnam it will be a long way it will take me more than 20 hours and I
have transom rights in Turkey and in Bangkok Thailand guys I’m in Turkey and while I’m waiting
for my next transfer flight through Thailand I will be telling you about the
platforms that allow you to find opportunities abroad and the next
platform that I want to talk about is named OYA opportunities.com and
it’s just amazing because it allows you to find you four different scholarships
that cover your flight accommodation even meals two different forums camps
and conferences abroad once I won the scholarship and I went to world use
forum in Egypt and it was amazing because this scholarship actually not
only allow you to travel for free but also these forums really broaden your
mind you learn some useful things and meet incredible people from all over the
world so I would really advise you to try to apply for the scholarships and go
to some forums abroad because it’s really worth it a platform number three
to find different scholarships and opportunities abroad is name
scholarships for development and it showcases different scholarship for
students in different countries why I think that this platform is good is
because it has lots of futures that you can put there and find a perfect
scholarship for you depending on a particular country that you want to
study in or specialization or a degree or a budgeting that you want to get for
instance you have 100 percent covering of the fee or seventy percent or just a
discount for 30 percent so basically can find any scholarship there that covers
your education in any country and it can be a bachelor degree or master degree or
PhD you can find a scholarships so if if you have ever
wanted to study abroad I will advise you to try it to search perfect scholarship
for you there and who knows maybe someday you will go and study abroad and
it’s the best experience oh my gosh the airport in Istanbul is
huge oh my gosh it’s already the third
country where I’m recording this video and I’m in Thailand now in Bangkok I
have one more transfer flight I’m so tired
ok the first platform be where you can find opportunities abroad is named
grantist.com and it’s one of my favorites it’s really convenient and
easy to find your perfect opportunity there also has lots of futures so what
this platform has to offer is one full ride scholarships to study in any
university abroad just search for the country where you want to study in your
specialization and you can find any scholarship rights potions that cover
everything too conferences and forums abroad I already told
you about them before but here you can find even more interesting forums and
opportunities 3 this platform as also offers different opportunities in
several language camps so you can go to any country and learn the language it’s
a really great opportunity for instance they offer different camps where you
stay in the first family or with other international students and learn the
language for instance you can go to France and learn French or to any other
country and I think it’s amazing and you can also win a scholarship to go there
for free for this platform offers different internships they might be paid
on that paid but even if they are not paid it’s a really great experience
because it offers internships in huge companies like McKinsey Google Disney or
even United Nations so you will get an amazing experience and five this
platform also offers different competitions for
you can write an essay or create a project or come up with your idea for
startup and you can win some money prize or you can get a sponsorship to launch
your startup Oh guys it was such a long flight have
just arrived to Vietnam I have received my business visa oh my gosh I’m so happy
guys I’m going to live and work here I’m going to experience a new culture meet
new people and I’m so excited about my life right now
oh my baggage is there and now I’m going to the apartment that
the company provided me with I have finally arrived to my apartment I
will live here in Vietnam I will impact my things now and hopefully get some nap
but before I will tell you about the fifth platform to find opportunities
abroad and it’s called scholarship opportunities calm and I think that it’s
a good one because it makes the process of finding opportunities abroad really
easy for you so how it works there you make a subscription for emailing you all
the opportunities that is suitable for you for instance you want to study in
the United States specializing let’s say in journalism and
then this resource starts to send you all the opportunities existing in the
United States majoring in journalism so you don’t even need to search for the
opportunity you will get all the emails with the opportunities that are perfect
for you so I told you about the best platforms to find opportunities abroad
and now guys search for your perfect University scholarship language school
or conference and apply for it don’t think that only straight-a students or
only super smart kids win these scholarships no everyone has equal
chances you just have to prove that you really want this opportunity and that
you deserve it and if you guys know any useful platforms to find opportunities
abroad please share them in the comments and let’s make this video a really
useful place for sharing opportunities and helping each
and in the next video I will tell you about my experience in Vietnam I will
work as an English teacher here and I will tell you about my way in the
English language from the inner to advanced I will tell you how much time
it took me to become advanced in English and what to do to improve your language
so I will see you some guys and thanks for watching this video