– Hi, guys, today it’s all about how to get
work as a foreign student in Oslo, Norway. And Victor, from Spain, will be our expert. He knows everything! Victor – is it possible to get a job as a
foreign student in Norway? – Yes, it is possible. I’m working in a car workshop – and – yes,
it’s possible to have work in Norway, even though you don’t speak Norwegian. The first thing is; when you arrive here,
you appear as a newcomer for new companies. So, the first thing I did, was to get a Norwegian
number phone. If you put your … for example, in my case,
a Spanish number, it’s obvious that you are not here for so much time. – Very good advice, actually. Didn’t they ask you about the language? – Yes, they did ask me, but in a car workshop
it’s not so relevant to speak Norwegian. And, everybody here in Norway speaks English. It’s very easy for me to communicate with
my teammates and my colleagues in the university. So,there is no problem if you don’t speak
Norwegian. – But do you speak ANY Norwegian? – “Jeg snakker litt norsk” (I speak a bit
Norwegian). – Perfect. Perfect. – This is very important; because if you’re
a European, you can work as much as you want, but if you’re not European, you have a limit
of 20 hours per week. – You work with something that is related
to your studies. What do you study? – I’m studying electrical engineering. And when I applied for a job, I didn’t want
the most common jobs in Norway for foreigners … – Which are? – For example, waiter. It’s well-paid job for non-Norwegian people. But I wanted a related job for my career,
so I started apply ing for relevant works. You have to apply for job positions even before
coming here. Getting a job is like two months, three months
and even then, you have to wait an extra month to get paid. So, it’s important that you start as early
as possible to get a job – That’s interesting. But where do you find these jobs? Because a lot of people ask that – Okay, I found it at Finn.no. I think it’s the best place in in the website. You can find housing, you can find jobs, you
can find almost everything there. – So do research, online! And finn.no, that’s the place for you. Do you have English pages there? – No, but I use Google translator. – OK – And that work? – Yeah. – That way you can end up everywhere. – Is it a walk in the park? – Well, it’s not a walk in the park. Obviously, it’s hard applying for jobs. I applied for many hours for many positions. So, if you want to get a job here, you obviously
have to be very prepared – What is the best thing that you will say
about working as a student in Norway? – OK … Timeout – Victor has prepared everything up front
as an obedient student. – As you can speak English; It’s very easy for you to make friends. You can make friends at university. You can make friends at work. – Aren’t we supposed to be introverted? The Norwegians don’t speak to strangers? – No, because I am also a bit introverted. So, it’s … – Oh! You fit in! Victor is introverted. You fit in. Do you think, eh … Do you think you have
to be introverted to get a job in Norway? – Maybe a bit. I don’t know, but. Yes. – So you don’t dance flamenco on your car
shop? – Only in private. – No flamenco!? – Are you dancing flamenco, Mads? – Yeah. A cucaracha (singing – but interrupted) – OK, guys, that was all for today. For next video – see you. Bye bye.