I guess students is studying in Germany while
studying he wants to look for internships then I would suggest he should speak
to his university first of all, they will help him. Career cell in the universities that will
help him to find the internships, or if he is not able to find that option there, then he can go online and look for portal, various portals available. For all this I still recommend German language skills are very important for students to look for internship in Germany. If he doesn’t know the language, internships
are very difficult to apply. At this point I would like to add one more
thing here, if a student is studying in a university, which are normal universities which offer research program more of academics than practical programs, it’ll be little
difficult to form an alliance with the industry. And if he’s studying in a university of
applied sciences. There are more industry based programs, all
the professors there teaching in applied science universities are from various industries there
in Germany and they can recommend their students to various industries or companies for internship. So that’ll be an added advantage if a student
goes to university of applied science.