– Hey guys! How is it going? This is Qazi from CleverProgrammer.com, and in this video we’re
gonna talk about how you can become a freelance software developer and you can start to charge $100 an hour without needing a college degree. So without any further ado,
let’s jump right into it. (dynamic music) So, first of all, let’s start off with one of the really important things, why you actually need a college degree. So, a college degree generally is needed because you need to have
something that you can show, but if you don’t have a college degree you need to have something
else to show in place for it. That’s the number one primary reason why most people actually work so hard to pursue that degree and a lot of people, it doesn’t matter how old you are, if you’re going for that college degree, it’s to basically say hey, I don’t have any other experience to show for it, but I’ll show you my college degree. Now, there are alternative to this. Meaning that, if you can prove your worth to somebody else, you
don’t need to show them you have a college degree. They frankly don’t even care. So, for some companies it’s experience and as a freelance developer, it’s not even necessarily experience, it’s you being able to
prove to somebody else you can develop a software for them that can help them grow their business. So, if it’s a startup you’re working for, maybe they need an application and you’re using a framework
like Django and Python to develop a web application. Well, you can simply
build them an application and make sure that it’s
something that they want, that’s something that they can use, and if it’s generating them more money by you providing your skillset, then they don’t care. At Clever Programmer one
of the things that we need is to create a companion
app for all the stuff that I teach you guys, so
I have programming courses in Python and I want to
make it really easy for you. So I might actually hire out a developer to make an app for me, and
if they have any experience in creating apps and we
have like a live interview and they can just show me
that they can create it, and it’s something that
could actually be scaled to all of the students
’cause right now we have over 10,000 students at Clever Programmer. So, if we can create that
app and you guys can use it, well, as a business Clever
Programmer will instantly be making more money, and for me to pay the software developer, it’s
something that’s very easy. So, if the developer charges $100 an hour and he takes five, 10, or 15,
or 20 hours to make the thing, which is $2,000, if my
return on investment on that is like, let’s say $10,000,
or even let’s say $5,000, I mean do I care paying
the developer $2,000? No. It’s a matter of triviality
at that point, right. That’s how Ramit Sethi would say, it’s somebody I follow,
and you can look him up, and he teaches you like lots of ways you can earn a higher income. So, ultimately the point
is being able to prove your worth to somebody else whether it’s through a college degree or it’s through different projects, or you being able to
convince somebody else that you can actually help
them and provide them value. Also by value what I mean
is getting them a result that they care about and that they want. For most businesses and most
people who are hiring you, think it from their perspective. They’re not necessarily looking for a beautiful website, most people are looking for, you know, the reason behind why they want a website, which is to generate
more business for them. So, using your programming knowledge, if you can put something together for them that they can sell, or they can use it to bring in new leads, new customers, leads just means somebody
who, you know, you have their contact information
and they are interested in either your services or your product, and if they can use it
to then turn those people into customers, they are happy. For example. Let’s say that you want to build a website for a photographer. Well, how would you go about it? Would you just pitch it to them like, hey, I have my college
degree, you’re a freelancer for photography, just hire me. Well, in that case they
might not even care, they’re like hey, yeah, that’s cool you have a college degree and all, but I don’t know how that’s
really applicable to me. But now let’s say you reframe this, you go up to that same
photographer and you say hey, so I notice that each person whose information that you
get, out of every 10 people one of those people becomes your customer, is that right? And then they’re like yeah,
that’s actually right. How much is that one client,
a customer worth to you? And freelance photographer
might be like, $2,000. So you’re like okay, so one
client to you is worth $2,000. And they’re like yes. So then you’re like
okay, so out of 10 people if one person gives you $2,000, then what’s the average
on those 10 people? Right? So let’s, that’s simple,
let’s divide 2000 by 10, and we should get something like 200. So that means that each
new lead or each new, you know, person who is
interested in that freelancer is essentially worth $200 to them. Right? So now imagine you were a Python developer and you needed to put
together a website for them. It could be a simple website. So you could even go to
them and just say hey, I’m gonna put a simple
website together for you. Now, if you are helping them generate let’s say instead of 10 new
leads or potential customers, let’s say you’re helping
them get 50 new customers, leads per month, how much
is that worth to them? Out of 50 people, if five people give that freelancer photographer business, now that freelance photographer
instead of making $2,000, now he has five people per month, he’s making $10,000 per month. Right? So, could you safely charge
that freelancer $5,000 to put together a website
that gets business for him? Right? And if you convince that
photographer of this, or show him this, then he doesn’t care, and
you’re able to make $5,000, you can frankly name your price. So saying $100 an hour as a
freelance software developer is an understatement, but
I just have to do that so when I’m making this
video, it doesn’t sound like scammy, right, it
doesn’t sound too unrealistic. But this is very possible. So, as a freelancer you
need to think of yourself as a business and all
the people that you get, think of them as a client. Think of each person not as
like your employer or whatever, they’re just, each of
them are your client. And the beautiful thing here is that you can fire your clients. You know, a lot of the times firing 70% to 80% of your clients and focusing on only
some of the premium ones and then giving them more services can actually increase your income and you don’t have to
deal with a lot of people who are like nagging at you, right, or you don’t like dealing with. So that’s another beauty of a
freelancer software developer because it’s not like if you go to that nine to five job
and you don’t like it, then you’re just kind of
stuck there doing one thing. Here you can choose and
create your own path and kind of name your price. And the smarter you can
think like a business, then you have infinite
growth, and the great thing is you can turn into an agency over time. But in the start, you
know, one step at a time. The first step is getting that one client. So don’t just say hey, I just have this one really cool
skill and I can help you, I’m just a cool painter,
so I’m just gonna paint, or I’m a cool designer, so
I’m just gonna do designing. Think of it how you can help
them earn more business, and then frame it from that perspective. They’re much more likely
to hire you, and honestly, you could even charge way
more than $100 an hour. Because if you can
deliver somebody results, you can put together that website for that freelance photographer, right, that’s not even a business, just that freelance photographer example that I was talking about earlier, and that website takes you, let’s say, an hour or two hours to put
together, you can charge $5,000, and it’s not tied to your hourly income, it’s tied to the result
you’re providing them. Okay, that’s how you
can start to break away from that hourly mindset and
start to go into higher profits because you’re giving better results, right, you’re selling a result. So, with all of that, to summarize, think of yourself as a business. Everybody else is a client. Working as a freelancer is actually safer than working at a job, because
a job is just one client. Whereas if you have 20 different clients you can even choose to fire someone you don’t like to work with. You have flexibility to work remotely. You have flexibility to
work with whoever you want, and basically however
much income you need. You can increase the
number of clients you get. And as a bonus tip, if you are in college, or using some form of learning,
you know, going to school, that’s one resource, right. That’s not the only place. Just like when you are at a job, you think the job is the only place
you can go and get an income. You can go to a job and still have freelancing gigs on the side to earn an extra income, just like that. If you’re actually learning,
like from a college, you can use other
resources to learn as well, and you have to treat
college just like that, one resource and you can’t
learn from anywhere else. Alright? So, hopefully, this gives
you some perspective of how it’s actually possible
to generate $100 an hour or even more as freelancer
software developer. I just gave you a very simple example and it doesn’t even require
all that complicated knowledge. The example I gave you
is literally being able to charge a ton of money just for building a website for somebody. Right? But now think of, as a Python developer you are offering much more
custom solutions to a company, and these custom solutions can be like providing them with
actionable data analytics, proving to somebody that hey,
based on how much traffic you’re getting and how
much conversion you have, if you change this one thing, it’ll improve your growth tremendously. For example, somebody helped
me, a Python developer, they did some data analytics
at Clever Programmer and they were able to tell me that hey, if you focus more on creating
better videos for people, or if you focus more on giving people an offer that’s better for them, it can actually help you in your business, and it has helped me at Clever Programmer, because I’m able to help
people in a better way and that data insight that they gave me was actually super actionable for me and something that I immediately started to get results from. That way for you, as a Python developer, because you’re offering
such customized solutions, you could charge even higher than that. So, hopefully, this makes sense. Shoot me in comments below. If you guys have any more
questions about this, I’d love to jump in and
answer that for you. For now, this is it guys. Thank you guys so much for watching! And, as always, I love your faces off and I’ll see you in the next video!