Hi guys! My name is Connie and I’m one of
the interns for The Roman Guy this semester. This is going to be one of the first of the
series of “Roma How to – Study Abroad Edition” Packing is one of the most hardest, yet one
of the most important steps before starting your journey abroad. I spent over a week deciding
what to bring, and what not to bring. So in this video, I’ll show you some of the necessities
you’ll need while you’re here, and some of the tips I learned while traveling abroad.
Okay so first things first, check the weather. I’m studying abroad from January to May and
the weather here is actually colder than it is in Southern California. So make sure you
know what the weather will be like during your stay. Shoes are also super important.
Make sure they’re weather appropriate. These rain boots would definitely be handy during
those rainy days. Bring comfortable shoes for when you’re going out. These are a MUST:
comfortable tennis shoes. We do a lot of walking here in Rome so these are my go-to shoes.
Dividers: so they’re easy to pack and easy to store when you move in. You can save space
in your suitcase by rolling up your shirts. Also, bring your own towel and sheets so you
have an extra when you travel. Here’s some things that you might’ve forgotten to pack.
Zip-loc bags because I’m a huge snacker. Bring American products that you know you can’t
live without. Okay, the hard part: fitting everything in a 50 lb. luggage for 3-5 months
you’re studying abroad. Limit your selection by thinking about the different outfits you’ll
wear. If you can imagine yourself wearing the item of clothing at least 3 different
times, you’re good. You’re also allowed a carry on suitcase. Since there’s no weight limit on these, put your heaviest items and remember these quick tips. For your backpack,
make sure it’s big enough so you can stuff it all the way to bring for your weekend getaways.
Put your electronics, traveling size bottles, money bag, fuzzy socks for your long plane
ride, re-usable water bottle, neck pillow, adapter, earphones, umbrella just in case
it rains, and most importantly your boarding pass and your passport. That’s it! Hope you
learned a lot from this video and make sure you comment below if you have any other questions,
if you’re preparing your studying abroad, or if you want to share your own personal
hints. Also check out my blog on the link below to check out my own personal experience
while I’m here. Tune in for a next episode on “Baking While Abroad”. Ciao!