It was the same word Well, originally it was Latin Oh, it was Latin? Oh, man Latin is difficult hahahahahaha I have a B.A. in History Oh really? I needed to study Latin If you learn Latin, you’re somebody,’s not useful, you know? ((ROMANIAN)) My name is Moses. How about you? Octavion like the first Roman emperor ((ROMANIAN)) Nice to meet you You didn’t tell me, how many languages did you study? I see you know Chinese,Romanian and English of course.. like 50 really?! but I’m not… maybe your brain is capable.. hahahaha no, I’m not surprised because I was reading on the internet about people who are able speak around 100 languages 100? oh yea wow for example, English is in the same family as German, Flemming..whatever. Swedish..Romanian, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese are in the same family. So many words are at least…what’s the word?.. grammar? parts of words are the same. For example, Polish, Czech, Slovak, Russian, Ukrainian…similar he’s saying that, when you learn one language that’s in the same family,like if I speak Russian? all the Slavic languages, I would learn easily because the grammar’s the same and they share a lot of similar vocabulary. OK so when you find people, like Polyglots, people who speak multiple languages,a lot of the times, you’ll see that when they speak a lot of languages a lot of them are in the same family. German, the romance languages..They speak all of those, that are in the same family all of the languages in the world..except South Asian languages, and except African languages. And except all of the Indian(Native American) languages are from one family, Indo-European like many times I hear those Indians speak, sometimes I can understand a few words really? yea…I don’t know anything, you know? Yea, they have a lot of languages. They speak Hindi. They’re from South India. They speak Tamil. I don’t know much Tamil. but I know Hindi shares a lot of words with Indo-European, like Persian. wow alright he loves Romanian and he’s been studying it so..the odds of running into somebody who speaks it…..lolol that’s know what.. Well, if you know so many languages, when you bump into someone, you will know hahahahhaha I knew you were…I wasn’t exactly sure, but I know that you were from a different country because you look foreign to me Yea, I understand. The facial characteristics I thought you were going to go into that Chinese place. I was like ”Oh, he’s coming to the Chinese place” but you were sitting out here so I said ”Oh”… lol I already knew what time it was. I asked you what time it was… hahahahahhah I wanted to see where you were from.. hahahahah that’s my strategy for trying it initiate the conversation hahahahaha So, where are you studying? Here at Cleveland State? Actually, uh ((ROMANIAN)) Actually, I live in Columbus, Ohio ((ROMANIAN)) You live in Columbus? I’m just visiting him,right now ((ROMANIAN)) You study at Columbus University? ((ROMANIAN)) No.Now ”I’m working at home” I teach the language ((ROMANIAN)) You work at home and teach language? ((ROMANIAN)) Other languages.. Not bad And ((ROMANIAN)) How do you learn Romanian? A professor? ((ROMANIAN)) No.. he asked me how I learn Romanian, right? Yes, exactly you have teachers, who teach Romanian? ((ROMANIAN)) No. Because I have many books.. ((ROMANIAN)) You have books ((ROMANIAN)) Books and what?..books magazines? ((ROMANIAN)) I like to speak with other people in order to practice more yea ((ROMANIAN)) Like this? ((ROMANIAN)) If you get the practice? ((ROMANIAN)) If I practice, I will speak better hahaha ”Mai bine” means… better better…more mai bine…. yea. ((ROMANIAN)) Better, Better… ((ROMANIAN)) Very cool! that’s slang. Isn’t that slang? it’s slang, yea hahahh they say ”Marfa” ”tare” ”How cool” What was another one… ”Ce tare” means ‘so cool’ Yea, cool. Oh yea ”Cooliste” They add the iste at the end yea, I understand what you’re saying. Using Romanian grammar for English words hahahahhaa they put the iste at the end of ”cool” to make it like ”really cool” ooooh they kind of mix it wow OK, I’m not going to keep you. Nice talking with you. thanks for practicing with me OK ((ROMANIAN)) Goodbye ((ROMANIAN)) Goodbye we don’t really have too many DVDs or anything so… he was more into like the spices, rice.. oooh that type of stuff You guys are from South India? the central part. Oh, OK ((HINDI)) Do you know Hindi? ((HINDI)) Yes, I know Hindi Oh, OK Urdu ((HINDI)) They’re similar.I think Hindi and Urdu are similar, right? ((HINDI)) Yea, they’re similar ((HINDI)) Therefore,for example if I speak Urdu, then I can also understand Hindi that’s pretty good, how did you learn it? hahaha ((HINDI)) Actually, now I’m learning Hindi at home ((HINDI)) Really? ((HINDI)) Moreover, I have a lot of books and when I have time I like practicing like this ((HINDI)) Really ((HINDI)) Because I think if I want to speak well, ”it’s necessary to do so” ((HINDI))Just a bit, but…. it’s coming, I’m trying hahaha You’re speaking, I can understand you. That’s good ((HINDI)) It’s fun. It’s fun learning many languages ((HINDI)) Yea, it’s fun Yea, you’re right how long have you been here in the states? I was born in Cleveland OK, because I hear like no accent or anything.. he’s bilingual ((HINDI)) Do you speak other languages? Spanish, but…((HINDI)) A little bit ((SPANISH)) You speak Spanish,too? ((SPANISH)) A little bit, yea ((SPANISH)) I forgot a lot ((SPANISH)) Oh, you forgot a lot? Because you don’t use it often ((SPANISH)) Yea.. hahahahhahaha ((SPANISH)) It’s very important to practice the language ((SPANISH)) Yea ((SPANISH)) Lately, I’m studying a lot of languages such as Spanish, Hindi, Chinese, etc.. ((SPANISH)) Oh, good ((SPANISH)) Actually, I’m living in Columbus, Ohio OK ((SPANISH)) I’m surrounded by a bunch of people there that can speak Spanish and other languages.. like Hindi, Chinese etc.. where did you learn Spanish? just in High School and college oh, OK Yea, I was a Spanish minor, but I forgot a lot. It was like 10 years ago.. he always talks about that..if you don’t use it…. speaking and listening to it isn’t that good.. but when you hear it, you can understand it? Yea, I can get the gist of it ((SPANISH)) ”The language is a living thing” ((SPANISH)) I don’t know if you know this expression Oh, OK ((SPANISH)) It’s a living thing, so it’s important to practice as much as possible ((SPANISH)) Of course.. you’ll forget lol ((SPANISH)) Of course hahahha Alright ((HINDI)) What’s your name? Kasha ((HINDI)) My name is Moses. Nice to meet you. you can read this,too huh, Moses? that’s actually Arabic I can read Arabic, but I only know a few words *******A VERSE FROM THE QURAN******** WOW!! *******A VERSE FROM THE QURAN******** that’s a prayer yea that’s the first verse of the Quran, I think Yea, that’s the first verse OK, before we go, what about this? that’s Bengali I can’t read that yea, that is Bengali, I’m surprised you noticed that that’s Bengali..that’s Bengali. Yea, that’s all Bengali. The folks that owned the store before my dad bought it were Bengali Oh, ((HINDI)) Really? they owned a lot of Bengali films and stuff.. you guys have the spicy..oh there it is. The hot pepper Chicken yea Can I get one of the hot pepper chicken and one spicy tofu? both spicy. OK. For here or to go? to go OK Tofu delight? yea you want both of them spicy? uh huh when you make it, can you put the rice seperate? Don’t put the rice on the food you want the rice seperately? yea, seperately OK both extra spicy? not extra spicy regular spicy just regular spicy, yea where did you get your jade? my wife your wife? She’s Asian? She’s from Taiwan Oh, OK ((MANDARIN)) Are you Chinese? So, your wife is from Taiwan? ((MANDARIN)) My wife is from Taiwan ((MANDARIN)) Oh you can??!..oh your wife is from Taiwan? Say it again, say it again!! hahahahah ((MANDARIN)) You speak very good! ((MANDARIN)) I said, my wife is from Taiwan Oh~ ((MANDARIN)) Do you know how to read? ((MANDARIN)) Yea ((MANDARIN)) I remember speaking with him before. A long time ago. I don’t know if he remembers me though ((CANTONESE)) He said that he spoke with you before ((CANTONESE)) A long time ago I spoken with him in Cantonese. A long time ago. ((CANTONESE)) Thanks a lot ((CANTONESE)) Where are you from? ((CANTONESE)) I’m from Hong Kong ((CANTONESE)) Oh, Hong Kong! Really? Yea ((MANDARIN)) Long time no see! ((CANTONESE)) Long time no see!! ((CANTONESE)) How are you these days? ((CANTONESE)) You speak Cantonese!???!! ((CANTONESE)) Yea, I can speak ((CANTONESE)) Wow, awesome! hahahahaha ((CANTONESE)) I was telling her that I spoke with that guy in Cantonese a long time ago ((CANTONESE)) Your Cantonese is good Did you live in the far east? ((CANTONESE)) No ((CANTONESE)) Where have you been hiding? ((CANTONESE)) Hiding ((CANTONESE)) I’m busy these days. ((CANTONESE)) Busy working do you say it… taking care of the babies. Oh, good. Do you have pictures? ((CANTONESE)) How old are they? ((CANTONESE)) They’re twins ((CANTONESE)) Oh, two? ((CANTONESE)) Twins ((MANDARIN)) Twins? Oh, the twins ((CANTONESE)) In Cantonese it’s ”MA LEOI”, right? ((CANTONESE)) Twins? ((CANTONESE)) Very cute. What about your wife? ((CANTONESE)) She doesn’t really like taking pictures lol tell her I said hi. OK bring them in here sometimes ((CANTONESE)) OK ((CANTONESE)) You speak really good ((CANTONESE)) You’re also from Hong Kong? ((CANTONESE)) Yea. I don’t look like it? I look Fillipina ((CANTONESE)) You don’t looks Fillipina I’m 100% Chinese ((CANTONESE)) Really? All American though. I’m just kidding. hahahahahah I said I’m 100% Chinese ((MANDARIN)) You’re 100% Chinese? 100% ((MANDARIN)) I don’t look like it? ((CANTONESE)) Is he from Hong Kong as well? Chinese, but he came from Vietnam ((CANTONESE)) Really? ((VIETNAMESE)) Hello! ((CANTONESE)) You can speak that? ((VIETNAMESE)) You speak Vietnamese? ((VIETNAMESE)) I speak Vietnamese ((VIETNAMESE)) Vietnamese? ((VIETNAMESE)) I speak Vietnamese,too ((VIETNAMESE)) Because now I’m learning Vietnamese ((VIETNAMESE)) I really like learning languages. Especially Vietnamese and Chinese where did you learn? ((VIETNAMESE)) I learned Vietnamese at home. Just through self study ((VIETNAMESE)) What’s your name? Hou ngo ming Cantonese ((VIETNAMESE)) I want to speak Vietnamese ((VIETNAMESE)) Speak Vietnamese ((VIETNAMESE)) Practice Vietnamese ((VIETNAMESE)) Because I practiced Cantonese with them only learn one language just one? yea ((VIETNAMESE)) Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese..a lot of languages ((VIETNAMESE)) Nice to meet you ((MANDARIN)) Nice to meet you Vietnamese is hard to learn ((MANDARIN)) Are you Vietnamese? ((MANDARIN)) I’m an overseas Chinese ((MANDARIN)) Oh, you’re an overseas Chinese ((MANDARIN)) How long have you been in America for already? ((CANTONESE)) You were born in another country? ((CANTONESE)) Yea, in Vietnam ((MANDARIN)) I got it Her brother talked about you ((CANTONESE)) Who? ((CANTONESE)) Brother? ((CANTONESE)) Her brother? He said there was a guy who can speak Chinese, it was you hahahahha ((CANTONESE)) It was me lol ((CANTONESE)) What’s your name? ((CANTONESE)) Mouse ((CANTONESE)) Mouse!? ahahahahhaa ((CANTONESE)) Nickname What year were you born in? ((MANDARIN)) 1981 ((MANDARIN)) 1981 ((CANTONESE)) OK, I’m leaving ((CANTONESE)) You’re leaving? ((MANDARIN)) Thank you. Goodbye ((CANTONESE)) Thanks ((MANDARIN)) See you next time ((CANTONESE)) OK ((CANTONESE)) Thanks Look, they got Chinese Western Union…look at that. Tell me that aint sloppy,man I’m about to mop him up real quick you’re gonna mop him up real quick? yea Hey. How long has this place been open for? I don’t know, maybe 7 o’clock or something 7 o’clock? it’s about to close got a little time this whole place I don’t know oh, OK You’re Chinese? ((MANDARIN)) You’re Chinese? Huh? ((MANDARIN)) Do you speak Chinese? No Chinese? Where’re you from? I’m from Vietnam Oh, Vietnam ((VIETNAMESE)) Hello ((VIETNAMESE)) Hello ((VIETNAMESE)) Today, I want to practice Vietnamese. Because now I’m learning Vietnamese hahahaha Oh. You know a little bit of Vietnamese, huh? ((VIETNAMESE)) I know a little Vietnamese, but although I know a little bit, I want to practice with you ((VIETNAMESE)) You understand me when I speak now? ((VIETNAMESE)) Yes, now. I understand ((VIETNAMESE)) You understand? ((VIETNAMESE)) I understand ((VIETNAMESE)) **Are you from the North or South** ((VIETNAMESE)) South ((VIETNAMESE)) Oh really? ((VIETNAMESE)) How long have you lived in th states for? ((VIETNAMESE)) 19 years Is that 19 years? Yeah ((VIETNAMESE)) What’s your name? ((VIETNAMESE)) English? Andy ((VIETNAMESE)) My name is Moses, but my Vietnamese name is mouse hahahaha ((VIETNAMESE)) Nice to meet you ((VIETNAMESE)) Nice to meet you How did you!? huh? ((VIETNAMESE)) Where did you learn Vietnamese? ((VIETNAMESE)) I learned Vietnamese at home. I’m self-taught. Because I don’thave a teacher. (VIETNAMESE)) So you learn Vietnaese at home? ((VIETNAMESE)) I understand. Thank you. In Vietnamese, a lot of words that have the same meaning. ((VIETNAMESE)) ”SAME” ((VIETNAMESE)) Really? hahahaha ((VIETNAMESE)) Thanks ((VIETNAMESE)) I like to learn languages. Vietnamese, Chinese…Korean a lot of languages ((VIETNAMESE)) That’s good It means ”That’s good” say it again in Vietnamese ((VIETNAMESE)) I understand. Thanks. What kind of fish is this? Hello Hi. What kind of fish is this? What? what kind of fish is this? Gober Gober? Yea Gober fish head fish head is good? Yea! That’s good! hahahaha It’s a big fish big fish? yea did you cut this up yourself? I’ll help you to cut this up. No meat, only the head Oh, OK ((CANTONESE)) Is it good? ((CANTONESE)) Yea, it’s good ((CANTONESE)) It’s good? ((CANTONESE)) Yea ((CANTONESE)) Oh, really? ((CANTONESE)) You speak Cantonese? ((CANTONESE)) I speak Cantonese and Mandarin Huh? ((CANTONESE)) I speak Cantonese and Mandarin ((CANTONESE)) Oh,you speak Cantonese and Mandarin? ((CANTONESE)) Yea oooh ((CANTONESE)) Because I’m studying a lot of languages ooh ((CANTONESE)) That’s great. You’re awesome hahahaha ((CANTONESE)) Not yet hahahaha ((CANTONESE)) Where are you from? ((CANTONESE)) Guangdong ((CANTONESE)) Guangdong? ((CANTONESE)) Yes, I’m a person from Guangdong ((CANTONESE)) Are you also? **UNINTELLIGIBLE** ((CANTONESE)) How long have you lived in the states for? ((CANTONESE)) A long time ((CANTONESE)) He was born in America ((CANTONESE)) You’re crazy hahahahah ((MANDARIN)) Is he your father? ((CANTONESE)) No ((CANTONESE)) I work here and he’s the boss? ((CANTONESE)) He’s the boss hahahahaha like a boss… you recognize that lol hey, have you ever tried this fish before? no it’s a gober head gober head? oh a lot of people use it for soup yea, for soups what’s the best fish here? what kind of fish do you like? white bass white bass? we got white bass ((CANTONESE)) Do you speak Spanish too? hahahaha ((SPANISH)) Spanish? You speak Spanish? ((SPANISH)) Since you’re working here, you can start learning Chinese ?? ((SPANISH)) You don’t want to? ((SPANISH)) It’s very fun she might be Vietnamese that looks like squid. Is that squid? this is squid. Kalamari Oh, kalamari Excuse me, are you from Vietnam? I’m Burmese Oh, you’re Burmese? ((BURMESE)) How are you? ((BURMESE)) I’m good ((BURMESE)) You can speak Burmese? ((BURMESE)) Yes, I can speak Burmese ((BURMESE)) Really? hahahahahahahhaa ((BURMESE)) Because now I’m learning Burmese and other languages hahahahaha ((BURMESE)) Because I like learning other languages ooh ((BURMESE)) You like it? ((BURMESE)) Yes ((BURMESE)) Actually, his wife is Burmese Oh really? I wasn’t sure so that’s why I asked.. I’m Burmese ((BURMESE)) Nice to meet you ((BURMESE)) Nice to meet you No English ((MANDARIN)) Don’t worry, I can speak Chinese ((MANDARIN)) Oh, you can speak Chinese? ((MANDARIN)) What time does this place close? ((MANDARIN)) 8 o’clock oh ((MANDARIN)) Mine is Guangyin ((MANDARIN)) His is Guangyin and mine is Buddha ((MANDARIN)) Which part of China are you from? ((MANDARIN)) Guangdong ((CANTONESE)) Oh, you speak Cantonese,then ((CANTONESE)) Yea ((MANDARIN)) Oh, you’re great! hahahahahahaha ((CANTONESE)) I like to study Cantonese and Mandarin ((CANTONESE)) But Cantonese is my favourite language ((CANTONESE)) You like Cantonese the most? ((CANTONESE)) Yes ((CANTONESE)) What about Mandarin? spoken more ((MANDARIN)) Mandarin sounds good ((CANTONESE)) I think Cantonese sounds better, but I still like Mandarin ((MANDARIN)) Mandarin is the common language ((CANTONESE)) Yes ((CANTONESE)) In Guangdong, Cantonese is a dialect ((MANDARIN)) Dialects ((CANTONESE)) In China there are many dialect ((CANTONESE)) Yes,many languages. There’s everything ((CANTONESE)) How long have you lived in the U.S. for? ((CANTONESE)) Not very long.. Therefore I’m not so familiar with places.. So I think…. ((CANTONESE)) English is easy ((CANTONESE)) No..I don’t know English ((CANTONESE)) Alrighty, thanks Yea, that’s what they do,man She can’t speak no English… The feeling of that. You’re speaking with someone in a different language.. we can communicate. I can understand her, she can understand me..and no English you know how sloppy that is,man? but that’s what they do, man. If you think they’re Chinese, just start speaking Chinese to them that’s what they do amongst themselves,man. so you can go and just start swinging. Do you want to get something or?? oh nah, I’m gonna wait we can go over there,look go and smack that dude in the chair. Hit that dude in the mouth we can ask him something. That’s the dude you already talked to Oh yea, let’s go ((CANTONESE)) Hey, thanks ((CANTONESE)) What’s your name? Henry ((CANTONESE)) This is your English name,right ((CANTONESE)) Yes It’s on my birth certificate hahahaha, he said it’s on his birth certificat. ((CANTONESE)) What about your Chinese name? Zhenya ((CANTONESE)) My name is Moses, but my Chinese name is Mouse ((CANTONESE)) What? ((CANTONESE)) Mouse I’ll remember Moses ((CANTONESE)) This is my nickname Oh where did you learn all of these languages from? Rosetta Stone? You have Rosetta Stone or something? hahahaha That’s impressive, it’s impressive ((CANTONESE)) I don’t like to use Rosetta Stone. I learn the language at home. ((CANTONESE)) For example, I have a lot of books, moreover I use the computer to find people..