Serious! 8-9 Hey, this place just opened up? it’s been open for like a year it’s been open for a year? I’ve been living in this area for a while and didn’t know it was here yea, it’s been here for a while where are you from? Africa Are you from East Africa? Yes, where are you from? Oh, I’m from here which part of Africa are you from? Senegal Oh, Senegal? Yes. West Africa ((WOLOF)) How are you? ((WOLOF)) I’m good ((FULANI)) How are you? ((FULANI)) Good hahahhahhaha you’ve been hanging around a lot of Senegalis? ((WOLOF)) Yes,yes ((WOLOF)) I wanted to speak Wolof with my friends ((WOLOF)) My friends always told me that I’m good, but I don’t believe it that’s good ((WOLOF)) What’s your name? ((WOLOF)) What’s yours? ((WOLOF)) My name is Moses ((WOLOF)) Moses? yes ((FRENCH)) Nice to meet you ((FRENCH)) Nice to meet you ((WOLOF)) Thanks Excuse me ***I WAS TRYING TO COME UP WITH SOMETHING TO START THIS LAWNMOWER** I’m looking for these poky sticks that have chocolate on them. Strawberry and Chocolate Are you talking about the ones in a pink package? yea oh, you got them? yea,yea hey, this is a new place, isn’t it? yea how long has it been open for? 6-7 months I believe 6-7 months? Wow, that’s awesome. Thanks. It’s very international here. Where are you from? Vietnam Oh, Vietnam? ((VIETNAMESE)) Hello! ((VIETNAMESE)) Are you good today? ((VIETNAMESE)) Good…hahahahahhaa ((VIETNAMESE)) I want to practice Vietnamese with you hahahhahahhahaha ((VIETNAMESE)) So what do you think? ((VIETNAMESE)) That’s fine ((VIETNAMESE)) I like learning this language hahahahah!! he’s speaking Vietnamese..hahaha ((VIETNAMESE)) But I think Vietnamese is hard to learn ((VIETNAMESE)) It’s hard? ((VIETNAMESE)) Although it’s hard, I will learn it ((VIETNAMESE)) You speak good very good..hahahha ((VIETNAMESE)) Thank you ((VIETNAMESE)) You’re welcome ((VIETNAMESE)) See you again, OK? OK thanks a lot ((SPANISH)) Thanks a lot ((SPANISH)) Where are you from? Nicaragua ((SPANISH)) Really? yes, and you? ((SPANISH)) I’m American, but I’m studying many other languages,especially Spanish oh yea? ((SPANISH)) Yes ((SPANISH)) You like Spanish a lot? ((SPANISH)) Of course! ((SPANISH)) Especially in this city because there’s a lot of Mexicans that speak Spanish and other languages like Chinese,Japanese… ((SPANISH)) Yes ((SPANISH)) But I’ve studied Spanish for just one year. ((SPANISH)) But, I’ve studied Chinese 10 years more or less ((SPANISH)) There’s so many Chinese ((SPANISH)) Moreover, my wife is from Taiwan. ((SPANISH)) Thanks a lot ((SPANISH)) It’s very good! ((SPANISH)) It’s very good? ((SPANISH)) Very good ((SPANISH)) Yes, Spanish ((SPANISH)) Really? Thanks a lot ((SPANISH)) Thanks,friend ((SPANISH)) You’re welcome ((WOLOF)) See ya! Look, I bet you he’s from Ghana,watch… Hey, do you know if they sell the natural tea leafs in the bag? I don’t think they have them. They’re like leafs in the bag. I thought they would probably be in this isle Ask this guy here. Oh,OK. Thanks. Are you from Ghana? From Liberia? From Nigeria Oh, Nigeria! Are you Igbo, Hausa or Yoruba? Igbo Oh, Igbo ((Igbo)) How are you? I know a couple words like ((Igbo)) I want to go to the store Have you been to Nigeria? Nah. I know more Yoruba OK I just study different languages You know Yoruba is from the West, but I’m from the East. Hey, which one is the best? I don’t know. I’m still trying to figure it out myself. **THE ENERGY JUST WASN’T RIGHT TO ENGAGE** OOOOH SH***…HE MIGHT BE SOMALI! OH,IT’S OVERWITH! How are you doing,sir? good,sir I’m just looking around here Oh how are you doing? good This is a cool place to work. It’s international. Oh, this is your first time here? Actually, this is my**THIRD** time Do you like it? I love it,man! Because it’s international. You got people from everywhere! you don’t even have to travel to different places Nope You don’t have to go to Walmart, drive here drive there,you know.. How long have you been working here for? Me? I’ve been here since it opened. you’ve been here since the beginning? yea oh, wow… I’ve been stacking all of this stuff… Aw,man that’s awesome! Cool! ((SOMALI)) Are you Somali? ((SOMALI)) Somali,yes ((SOMALI)) Really? ((SOMALI)) That’s right ((SOMALI)) How are you today? ((SOMALI)) I’m good today ((SOMALI)) I’m good ((SOMALI)) Are you Somali? ((SOMALI)) No, I’m American,but… ((SOMALI)) You’re learning Somali? ((SOMALI)) Yes, that’s right. ((SOMALI)) I’m learning Somali at home because..hahahaha ((SOMALI)) Because I like to **LEARN** this language Oh, nice. Good. ((SOMALI)) Especially here in this city ((SOMALI)) Because… ((SOMALI)) A lot of Somalis? ((SOMALI)) Yes ((SOMALI)) It seems to be many Somalis living here. ((SOMALI)) Therefore…..haha You learned to speak my language,man.. ((SOMALI)) A little bit You’ll learn more, inshallah Inshallah, inshallah… you’re Muslim,right? ((SOMALI)) No Do you know what inshallah means? God Willing ((SOMALI)) I know Oh, you work here too? He works here? yea oh, Korean? he’s Korean, yea ((KOREAN)) Hello! ((KOREAN)) Are you good today? ((KOREAN)) Yes ((KOREAN))I want to practice Korean. ((KOREAN)) Because I’m learning Korean. This guy, he speaks Somali,too ((KOREAN))I like studying many languages therefore….. ((KOREAN)) I love practicing in this way… ((KOREAN)) Which part of Korea are you from? Seoul the capital Nice to meet you! have you been to Korea? ((KOREAN)) I haven’t been to Korea, but…. ((KOREAN)) I’ve already been to both Taiwan and Japan. ((KOREAN)) Because my wife is from Taiwan. Taiwan? Taiwan, yes what’s your name? name? Hong ((KOREAN)) My name is Moses, but my nickname is mouse. Do you know? ((SPANISH)) I like learning other languages. ((SPANISH)) I’m not joking around… ((SPANISH)) Moses? ((SPANISH)) Yes,yes I wish I could speak more languages. How many languages do you speak now? ((SOMALI)) A lot..a lot of languages..hahahha ((SOMALI)) How old are you? ((SOMALI)) **I’m 32 years old** ((SOMALI)) and you? ((SOMALI)) I’m 22 ((SOMALI)) I’ve been living in America for 1 year really? ((SOMALI)) That’s it? That’s cool though. I speak Swahili ((SWAHILI)) You speak Swahili too? Yea, I do,man… ((SWAHILI)) Really? ((SWAHILI)) How are you? ((SWAHILI)) I’m very good! ((SWAHILI)) I learn Swahili too because I think that it’s…very beautiful I know Swahili because I lived in the community for a long time ((SWAHILI)) A long time? I went to high school there…that’s where I grew up ((SOMALI)) you graduated? I don’t speak English good though… ((SOMALI)) It’s good. I think your English is good ((SOMALI)) I hope… Do you know what that means? you hope? I speak Swahili, Somali, English and Arabic… ((ARABIC)) You speak Arabic? ((SPANISH/SOMALI)) How are you? ((SPANISH)) hahaha…Good, good..excellent,excellent ((SPANISH)) Have a good day, my friend. I know what I wanted to ask you. Those languages you speak,right? do you know how to read and write? I know how to read,write and speak I know how to read Somali, I know how to write Somali.. you know how to write? I know how to read and write Somali let me show you something. I listen to this,look… **SOMALI AUDIO FROM FLR COURSE** ((SOMALI)) Video games very often…. ((SOMALI)) I like to play video games very often What does this mean? ”WAAN KU JECELAHAY” ** I like you** in Somali, this has many meanings..I like you, I love you etc… Oh, OK what else… yea, it’s hard,man… ((SOMALI)) It’s really tough… You’re good,man..your brain is very nice hahahaha.. ((SOMALI)) Thanks! ((SOMALI)) You’re welcome.. ((SOMALI)) Nice to meet you ((SOMALI)) Nice to meet you,my friend ((SOMALI)) Nice to meet you. Take care now.. ((SOMALI)) Take care Alright,man.. ((SOMALI)) Goodbye Hey, do you know if they have the strawberry ones like this? I’m looking for the strawberry ones those ones down there are strawberry as well have you had these before? yea, that’s strawberry. is it the same? they’re not from the same company. but how do they taste? they taste pretty good OK except, those ones are thicker these ones? yea thanks! those ones are green tea these ones? they have these kind hahahaha..hey I got the last one this is the last one.. yea thank you guys where’re you guys from? China ((MANDARIN)) Are you Chinese? ((MANDARIN)) Yes ((MANDARIN)) Which part of China are you from? Beijing ((MANDARIN)) China’s capital ((MANDARIN)) Right ((MANDARIN)) How long have you been living in the U.S. for? ((MANDARIN)) 6 Years Cool ((MANDARIN)) Have you been to China? ((MANDARIN)) I haven’t been, but I’ve been to Taiwan. ((MANDARIN)) My wife is from Taiwan ((MANDARIN)) Oh, your wife is from Taiwan? hahahahahhaha ((MANDARIN)) You’re cool ((MANDARIN)) But me learning Chinese has nothing to do with her because… ((MANDARIN)) You taught yourself? ((MANDARIN)) Right ((MANDARIN)) I think if I couldn’t speak Chinese now, she wouldn’t be a good teacher hahahahha ((MANDARIN)) Because I think she’s too **fierce** ((MANDARIN)) So I think learning Chinese with her would be more difficult ((MANDARIN)) Respect her respect her? ((MANDARIN)) Of course,she’s my wife so… hahahahhha ((MANDARIN)) Very good. That’s Chinese culture. ((MANDARIN)) of course, Chinese culture, I know. ((MANDARIN)) OK. Thank you. ((MANDARIN)) You’re welcome. ((MANDARIN)) Take care How are you doing? Are you from Nepal? there’s a lot of Nepali people here, that’s why I aksed you you’re too tall…haha where’re you from? I’m not from the country you just mentioned Oh, I was saying Nepal.Where’re you from though? China ((MANDARIN)) Are you Chinese? ((MANDARIN)) Which part of China are you from? Oh my goodness.. ((MANDARIN)) I apologize, before I thought you were from Nepal ((MANDARIN)) Where is that? ((MANDARIN)) It’s near India. It’s not too far ((MANDARIN)) Where are you from? ((MANDARIN)) South China is this jade? ((MANDARIN)) Right. This is real, not fake yea, yea.. ((MANDARIN)) Are you from Guangzhou? ((MANDARIN)) It’s close to Guangzhou ((CANTONESE)) Do you speak Cantonese? Oh my goodness.. ((CANTONESE)) Yes, I speak,I speak.. ((CANTONESE)) You speak very good ((CANTONESE)) Thank you have you ever been to China before? ((CANTONESE)) I haven’t been to China, but I’ve been to Taiwan ((CANTONESE)) Because my wife is Taiwanese really? ((CANTONESE)) Yes Really cool! ((CANTONESE)) Really? Yes, you can speak Mandarin and Cantonese. That’s really really cool.. ((CANTONESE)) I really like learning Cantonese.Cantonese is my favourite language. ((CANTONESE)) It sounds good! ((CANTONESE)) I think Cantonese sounds better than Mandarin but you speak really good ((CANTONESE)) Really? yea hahahahha you’re intelligent, I think hahahahaha ((CANTONESE)) Thanks a lot ((CANTONESE)) See you again ((MANDARIN)) See you next time nice to meet you this is sloppy,man… you see that? what languages are up there.. that’s serious… that’s serious,man.. all of these Somalis,man, I’m telling you yes,brother do you have a menu? what’s the best here? everything here is good OK what do you normally get here? what do you like to eat? like fish.. salmon fish is good salmon fish? yea grilled steaks I want the salmon for here or to go? to go you want fish and rice? yes, fish and rice I got you OK,thanks ((SOMALI)) How are you today? ((SOMALI)) I’m good what’s your name? ((SOMALI)) My name is Moses ((SOMALI)) Your name is Moses? ((SOMALI)) Yes ((SOMALI)) How about you? ((SOMALI)) Nice to meet you ((SOMALI)) I’m so happy to have met you,my friend ((SOMALI)) Because I have to practice Somali like this.. ((SOMALI)) You’re learning it? ((SOMALI)) Yes ((SOMALI)) You’re learning often? ((SOMALI)) Everyday… ((SOMALI)) I’m learning Somali almost everyday where’re you from? ((SOMALI)) I’m American ((SOMALI)) I was born here, but…although I’m American, I want to practice Somali ((SOMALI)) It’s good ((SOMALI)) My Somali? ((SOMALI)) Your Somali is good ((SOMALI)) But thanks though… hhahaha ((SOMALI)) Since my native language is English, it’s hard learning Somali,so.. ((SOMALI)) I have to work really hard in order to learn it… hahahahhahah ((SOMALI)) Somali is so cool… ((SOMALI)) Nice to meet you. ((SOMALI)) Nice to meet you, Moses ((SOMALI)) Goodbye ((SOMALI)) Goodbye ((SOMALI)) I’m learning Somali Are you Somalian? ((SOMALI)) No. I’m American. ((SOMALI)) Although I’m American, I want to practice this language, especially in this city ((SOMALI)) Because it seems that there’s a lot of Somali people living here so it’s good, many good opportunities to practice ((SOMALI)) What’s your name? ((SOMALI)) My name is Moses.Moses or Musa.. Are you Muslim or? ((SOMALI)) No,but although… How should I say ”I’m not Muslim” how should I say that? that’s it? ((SOMALI)) that’s it? ((SOMALI)) That’s it.. hahahahahhaha ((SOMALI)) Although I’m not Muslim, I like this religion.. your Somali is good ((SOMALI)) Really? ((SOMALI)) Goodbye ((SOMALI)) Goodbye,brother ((SOMALI)) nice to meet you ((SOMALI)) Goodnight ((SOMALI)) Nice to meet you ((SOMALI)) Is that it? yep you come here all the time? this is your first time here? are you guys from Ghana? No we speak French Are you from Sierra Leone? They don’t speak French in Sierra Leone oh, I thought they did ((FRENCH)) You good? ((FRENCH)) Very good,thanks ((FRENCH)) Goodnight ((FRENCH)) Goodnight,goodnight hey, is this place 24 hours? what did you say? is this place 24 hours? no it’s not? oh 24 hours? yea Oh, I don’t know,man hahahahahhahha where are you guys from? huh? where’re you guys from? I heard you speaking in another language Spanish ((SPANISH)) Spanish? ((SPANISH)) You speak Spanish? ((SPANISH)) Yes and you? ((SPANISH)) I’m American ((SPANISH)) You’re American? ((SPANISH)) Yes… ((SPANISH)) But although I’m American,I’m learning Spanish now That’s good ((SPANISH)) I just heard you guys speaking in Spanish ((SPANISH)) Where are you guys from? Honduras ((SPANISH)) I’ve studied Spanish for a year, therefore I want to…. ((SPANISH)) You want to speak it with us? ((SPANISH)) Yes ((SPANISH)) You write it? ((SPANISH)) Yes, I can write it ((SPANISH)) Practice with us ((SPANISH)) I wanted to say that I’ve studied for a year so I would like to take the opportunity to speak with other people ((SPANISH)) Like you… hahahhahaha **Ustedes*** ((SPANISH)) Nice to meet you Nice to meet you hahahahhahahhha ((SPANISH)) You want to learn more, read the booksin Spanish ((SPANISH)) I have a lot of Spanish books at home ((SPANISH)) It’s good to read ((SPANISH)) Yes ((SPANISH)) Do you live nearby here? ((SPANISH)) Yes ((SPANISH)) Close to Easton ((SPANISH)) What about you? Gahanna ((SPANISH)) I really like studying other languages, especially Spanish because… ((SPANISH)) There’s a lot of Spanish… ((SPANISH)) Yes..many of them ((SPANISH)) Do you study or work? ((SPANISH)) Work. I’m a teacher ((SPANISH)) At school or? ((SPANISH)) Actually,I have my own….what.. ((SPANISH)) Own business… ((SPANISH)) For example…if you wanted to learn… ((SPANISH)) I want to learn English ((SPANISH)) English? ((SPANISH)) How is your english now? ((SPANISH)) Just a bit.. ((SPANISH)) Perhaps better than my Spanish.. no hahahahhahhaah ((SPANISH)) You’re joking ((SPANISH)) Our English isn’t that good ((SPANISH)) I can understand, but don’t speak much So, if I speak English with you, could you understand? see, you’re good,man! What are you talking about? hahahhahahhahhahhahah ((SPANISH)) What are you talking about? ((SPANISH)) You can understand what I’m saying when I speak in English ((SPANISH)) I can understand, but I don’t know how to speak ((SPANISH)) I see Me too ((SPANISH)) I understand more than I speak. I speak a little bit. ((SPANISH)) How old are you? ((SPANISH)) Still young ((SPANISH)) I’m 32. Moreover, I’m married. Also, I have twins. ((SPANISH)) You have your own school for teaching languages? ((SPANISH)) Not yet. I’m just working from home, but in the future… ((SPANISH)) What I want you’ve said, my own school in other **countries** ((SPANISH)) Here in the States and other countries like Taiwan.. ((SPANISH)) So,you teach English and more? ((SPANISH)) English, Chinese,Japanese..I speak Chinese ((SPANISH)) You speak Chinese? ((SPANISH)) Actually, my Chinese is better than my Spanish. ((SPANISH)) Seriously? ((SPANISH)) I’m not joking around out here ((SPANISH)) Speak Chinese. How do you say ”Hello” in Chinese ((CHINESE/MANDARIN)) ”Ni hao” ((SPANISH)) ”How are you?” ((CHINESE/MANDARIN)) ”Ni hao ma?” ((CHINESE/MANDARIN)) I can actually speak Chinese. I wouldn’t lie to you hahahhahahhahhahaha ((SPANISH)) His language as well ((SPANISH)) Which one? Somali ((SPANISH)) You speak Somali? ((SPANISH)) Yes, I speak ((SPANISH)) What languages do you speak? ((SPANISH)) Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic…what else… ((SPANISH)) A lot…Somali..did have I said Arabic? ((SPANISH)) Yes ((SPANISH)) Vietnamese, Burmese… hahahhahahhaha ((SPANISH)) But you teach English too? ((SPANISH)) Which one takes more effort to learn, Spanish or Arabic? ((SPANISH)) In my point of view, it’ll be Arabic ((SPANISH)) Arabic? ((SPANISH)) It’s because the grammar is very different. ((SPANISH)) Moreover, I’m American. English is my mother tongue, therefore.. ((SPANISH)) it will take more time to learn Arabic. ((SPANISH)) But if I wanted to learn a language like Portuguese..French..what else..German it’s more easy ((SPANISH)) Portuguese is almost like Spanish ((SPANISH)) Yes ((BR. Portuguese)) I’m learning Portuguese now hahahhahhaa ((SPANISH)) Where do you learn all of these languages? ((SPANISH)) Just at home on my home using the computer…and just like this.. ((SPANISH)) My reason for coming here to Walmart is to practice languages ((SPANISH)) Because as you know, language is a living thing. ((SPANISH)) Yes, it is ((SPANISH)) If you want to speak better, you have to practice in this way ((SPANISH)) We know to speak, but are afraid to speak with other people hahahhahha ((SPANISH)) **I DIDN’T CATCH WHAT HE SAID BEFORE HE SAID IT’S BETTER TO PRACTICE” It’s better to practice it ((SPANISH)) Alrighty, I don’t want to **Keep you guys** ((SPANISH)) I don’t want to keep you so you can continue your shopping! hahahhahahhahahahhahaha ((SPANISH)) Nice to meet you ((SPANISH)) Nice to meet you ((SPANISH)) My name is Moses, by the way ((SPANISH)) Take care ((SPANISH)) Hey, can I say ”Cuidaos”? ((SPANISH)) Cuidate is better? OK ((SPANISH)) I understand ((SPANISH)) Thanks a lot. ((SPANISH)) Goodnight ((SPANISH)) Goodnight it’s over with… how are you doing? good ((SOMALI)) How are you? ((SOMALI)) How are you today? ((SOMALI)) Good ((SOMALI)) I’m learning Somali now ((SOMALI)) What does this mean? ((SOMALI)) OK, brother haha, you speak very well ((SOMALI)) No,no… ((SOMALI) Since English is my native language, Somali is tough, so I gotta work hard to learn it ((SOMALI)) How are you? ((SOMALI)) How are you today? ((SOMALI)) Are you Somali? ((SOMALI)) Somali? yeah ((SOMALI)) I’m learning Somali ((SOMALI)) Seriously? ((SOMALI)) **You’re better than he is** he’s learning Somali too? No you’re better than him LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL ((SOMALI)) No, no… Nah, that’s crazy.. where did you learn how to speak Somali? ((SOMALI)) Actually, I started learning this language 4 months ago, moreover I’m learning at home ((SOMALI)) I’m learning by myself ((SOMALI)) How? ((SOMALI)) I’m learning Somali by using textbooks and practicing with native speakers.. Man, that’s pretty good 4 months,man?’re almost fluent,man… ((SOMALI)) Thanks ((SOMALI)) But this Somali language is so difficult,bro…because my native tongue is English…. you guys are from where? where are you from? American but where’s most of your family from? America they’re from here? yea what about you? same thing same thing? and what about you? so you guys don’t call any other countries? no no? no ((SOMALI)) What’s your name? ((SOMALI)) And you? Moses or Moses….it’s the same one more question, what language do you speak? I speak a lot of languages OK, what language were you speaking 2 seconds ago? Somali Somali? so that’s your nationality? I’m African-American, I was born here but your family… I’m the only one in my family that speaks other languages.. he’s learning I study other languages..I speak Chinese,Japanese,Russian.. OK, and so how did you study them? just how I’m doing with them..hahaha you started off by asking questions? well,of course I have some books and stuff… from the library? yea, from the library and I have my own course as well. I learn from that then I come to places like these to approach them for practice really? yea OK, so what other languages do you speak? I speak Chinese Mandarin,Cantonese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish… what about Nepali? I speak a little bit. I speak Hindi. It’s close.. it’s very similar in a lot of ways yea Arabic, yea I speak Arabic… Arabic too? Yep really? this is my hobby, this is what I like to do ((ARABIC)) I learn Arabic as well…but I don’t speak it fluently… ((ARABIC)) God Willing I will speak Arabic…lol hahahahahha this guy’s fluent in everything,man hhahahahha ((SOMALI)) It’s because I like practicing a lot of other languages Are you going to school for it or are you just doing it for fun? ((SOMALI)) Just learning alone ((SOMALI)) I’m not joking around out here.. You got the accent right,too,man the accent? Nah,almost ((SOMALI)) Almost? I have a lot to learn. I’ve only been doing it for 4 months.. 4 months is like really good in about a year you should be fluent,man.. yea,it’s hard,’s not easy it’s almost the same with Arabic,too yes, and Swahili ((SOMALI)) Which languages are you learning? ((SOMALI)) Do you know any other languages? ((SOMALI)) Yes Somali, Arabic,Dutch and English you speak Dutch? yea wow,really? ((SOMALI))Really? ((SOMALI)) that’s right You speak Dutch? not yet? not yet lol ((SOMALI)) Not yet… you should pick up French I speak a little French that’s a language I want to learn. French or Spanish yea, I got that Spanish… yea I got that go down to Coast Rica and impress the girls down there hahahahah ((SOMALI)) Actually, I’m married that means I’m a wife ((SOMALI)) “”I have a wife” but when you say ‘Waxaan ahay xaas’ it means I’m married. it means I’m a wife… really? not technically yea, it means like I have a family it’s more like I’m the wife oh, OK it’s more like conversational ”I have a family” yea, you can say that,too ”reer” is more formal it’s a dialect it’s a dialect? for the last 4 months I’ve been walking around practicing with Somalis and always used it with them I actually learned it from a book. It was said that way and it was ”I’m married” like you said it’s a dialect problem it’s like when people learn English, they learn formal stuff not actually used… yea,yea.. Oh, I see. That makes sense… so in conversation it becomes a little weird at least you picked up one thing today,right? haha oh yea ((SOMALI/ARABIC)) Of course.. yea, keep it up,man do you live around here on the North side, what area? easton area ((SOMALI)) Over there oh,ok you’re around a lot of Somalis here Yea, I’m telling you,man. I come here all the time just to practice. I get my shopping cart..of course I buy stuff as well. I walk around and practice with the Somali people all the time some Chinese people, Spanish people… there’s a lot of Somali restaurants, you can just go there… I just went to one actually, before I came here yea, go over there get a cup of tea… hahahahha they’re sitting down all day so.. they’ll be impressed, they’ll be open yea, they’re always happy ((SOMALI)) Nice to meet you, brother alright,man ((SOMALI)) Goodbye bye guys have a good day ((SOMALI)) How are you? ((SOMALI)) Are you Somali? ((SOMALI)) Yes, I’m Somali ((SOMALI)) How are you today? ((SOMALI/ARABIC)) I’m good, you? ((SOMALI)) I’m good ((SOMALI)) I’m learning Somali now so I want to practice this language practice yea haha are you American? ((SOMALI)) Yes, I’m American, but although I’m American I like learning this language ((SOMALI)) That’s good ((SOMALI)) It’s hard.. do you listen to BBC for Somali language? ((SOMALI)) Very often it’s good ((SOMALI)) I agree with you,brother hahaha what class are you taking in school? ((SOMALI)) Actually, I’m learning this language at home ((SOMALI)) I’m self-taught how are you doing that? ((SOMALI)) I’m using textbooks and practicing with native this you’re really doing good ((SOMALI)) Nice to meet you ((SOMALI)) Nice to meet you ((SOMALI)) What’s your name? Moses ((SOMALI)) How about you? ((SOMALI)) I’m very happy to have met you, my brother ((SOMALI)) Thanks ((SOMALI)) Goodbye Hey, do you know if they sell the cake mix? it’s like a muffin type.. oh, that’s different. That’s more like cornbread. I think they’re over here oh, OK that’s OK. Thanks a lot I’ll find it OK, thanks you’re welcome you guys from Ghana? No, no Kenya oh, you’re from Kenya? yes ((SWAHILI)) How are you? oh, hahahahha ((SWAHILI)) I’m good ((SWAHILI)) I also like Swahili ((SWAHILI)) You like Swahili? ((SWAHILI)) Yes,yes… ((SWAHILI)) You studied Swahili before? ((SWAHILI)) Yea, I studied Swahili because I think it’s very beautiful hahahahhahhahahhahahha you’re doing good! ((SWAHILI)) Really? ((SWAHILI)) Yes,really ((SWAHILI)) Thoroughly… ((SWAHILI)) Thoroughly? ((SWAHILI)) Thank you ((SWAHILI)) I want to go to Kenya in the future **to travel there** wow, I’m very very impressed ((SWAHILI)) Really? (((SWAHILI)) I really am.. hahahahhaha very impressed ((SWAHILI)) *PROVERB* ”Take your time/It takes time” you guys speak that too? Oh yea! of course you speak they speak it very fluently it’s been a long time actually since I’ve learned it.. you were doing it in school? yea, I took some classes a while ago,but this was back in 2008 though but you’ve been working on it? not really, you know a lot of Somali people here speak Swahili,too so sometimes I can practice with them that’s cool. Keep doing that and you won’t lose it yea, I agree Are there a lot of Kenyans here? yea over 2,000 over 2,000? on this side of town or? yes, maybe on the North side oh, ok ((SWAHILI)) That’s really good ((SWAHILI)) Nice to meet you hahaha ((SWAHILI)) We’re glad to meet you,too ((SWAHILI)) Thanks a lot ((SWAHILI)) You’re welcome hahahhahaha ((SWAHILI)) Goodbye ((SWAHILI)) Goodbye Hey, do you know if they sell game pro magazines here? Do you know what I’m talking about? No, I don’t Oh, thanks thanks,man by the way, if you don’t mind me asking, where’re you from? Korea Oh, Korea ((KOREAN)) Are you Korean? yea ((KOREAN)) Are you good today? how do you know how to speak Korean? you been in korea? ((KOREAN)) Not yet ((KOREAN)) It’s just that.. I’m learning Korean really good ahahahahaha ((KOREAN)) I like learning other languages so I want to practice ((KOREAN)) Really ((KOREAN)) Which part of Korea are you from? I’ve been living here for a long time, for over 20 years ((KOREA)) Where? in Korea? ((KOREAN)) From where? Seoul Oh, Seoul! ((KOREAN)) That’s more in the South of Korea,right? North Korean people can’t come to the United States..not that I know of ((KOREAN)) I don’t know because North Korea is communist yea,yea they can’t travel to any country they want ((KOREAN)) I know Only South Korean people are here pretty much ((KOREAN)) How long have you been living here for? ((KOREAN)) 20 years ((KOREAN)) That’s a long time ((KOREAN)) Are you a student or? ((KOREAN)) Working ((KOREAN)) What type of job? ((KOREAN)) A store so you’re going to Korea for the military? ((KOREAN)) No. ((KOREAN)) I haven’t been to Korea,but I’ve been to both Taiwan and Japan already ((KOREAN)) Actually, lately….as far as the Korean language… ((KOREAN)) Where did you learn Korean? ((KOREAN)) At home. I’m self-taught **Correction** hahahahahhahahha that’s a hard word ((KOREAN)) Selft-taught? ((KOREAN)) Yea ((KOREAN)) But lately, I don’t practice Korean that much because..I’m learning other languages that’s really good. It’s not that easy to learn ((KOREAN)) It’s tough ((KOREAN)) It’s really tough, especially the grammar ((KOREAN)) I speak English so the Korean language is so hard to learn ((KOREAN)) You’re doing good though ((KOREAN)) Thanks ((KOREAN)) What’s your name? ((KOREAN)) My name is Moses, but my Korean name is Mouse, my nickname ((KOREAN)) **If you go to Korea you will be able to communicate with Koreans** ((KOREAN)) A little bit haha ((KOREAN)) Could you repeat that? ((KOREAN)) Say it again? ((KOREAN)) Yes ((KOREAN)) I’ve never heard this way before… there’s a lot of ways of saying it, but the meaning is the same ((KOREAN)) Similar yea that’s the hardest one though. It’s difficult to catch but it’s really good, I’m surprised..You’ve never been in Korea? ((KOREAN)) Not yet ((KOREAN)) I speak Japanese better than Korean so it’s not difficult to learn it ((KOREAN)) Grammar is similar.. ((KOREAN)) Grammar moreover vocabulary ((KOREAN)) I can speak Chinese too 70% of the vocabulary in Korean is Chinese origin yes, you’re right a lot of words are from Chinese ((KOREAN)) For example ‘IMPOSSIBLE’ ((KOREAN)) For example, it’s impossible to learn languages by yourself In Chinese they say ‘BU KENENG’, but in Korean they say ‘PUL KA NEONG’ Same word… yes ((KOREAN)) CHANGLAE ‘FUTURE’ in Chinese they say ‘JIANG LAI’ just the pronunciation changes a bit ((KOREAN)) Yes, the pronunciation ((KOREAN)) Nice to meet you ((KOREAN)) Nice to meet you take care (KOREAN)) Have a good day hahahha oh, watch out ((SOMALI)) How are you today? huh? ((SOMALI)) How are you? ((SOMALI)) I’m good ((SOMALI)) I’m learning Somali now really? ((SOMALI)) Yes ((SOMALI)) Because here in this city, there’s a lot of Somali people,therefore I like practicing this language ((SOMALI)) You’re learning Somali? ((SOMALI)) Yes ((SOMALI)) That’s good ((SOMALI)) Not good yet though ((SOMALI)) Who taught you? ((SOMALI)) I taught myself ((SOMALI)) Therefore, it’s very very difficult it’s very hard? ((SOMALI)) Very much Why are you interested in learning it? ((SOMALI)) Because I like learning other languages, especially Somali wow ..hahaha ((SOMALI)) Although Somali is so tough, I want to continue learning the language ((SOMALI)) How long have you been learning for? ((SOMALI)) I’ve been studying Somali for 4 months ((SOMALI)) It’s good ((SOMALI)) Really? ((SOMALI)) Yes ((SOMALI)) Thank you, my sister ((SOMALI)) What’s your name? Moses or Musa ((SOMALI)) Are you Muslim? ((SOMALI)) No ((SOMALI)) Although I’m not Muslim though, I like this religion very much… ((SOMALI)) Because my friend is Muslim ((SOMALI)) Is he Somali? ((SOMALI)) No, he’s American ((SOMALI)) But my Somali friend lives in Sweden ((SOMALI)) Where does he live? Sweden Sweden? ((SOMALI)) Yes ((SOMALI)) Therefore, you use the computer? ((SOMALI)) Yes, I practice with him sometimes ((SOMALI)) Do you know how to read? ((SOMALI/ARABIC)) Of course ((SOMALI)) Write,read…. you can do both? writing is easy ((SOMALI)) It’s easy ((SOMALI)) You’re learning well your accent trust me, you’re better than most Somalians ((SOMALI)) Really? ((SOMALI)) Yes ((SOMALI)) It’s very difficult so I have to work hard in order to learn it ((SOMALI)) practice with the Somali people here ((SOMALI)) I know ((SOMALI)) **Do you live here in Columbus** ((SOMALI)) Please repeat that one lololol… dang, I knew that,man! ((SOMALI)) I live here, but I was born in Akron, Ohio ((SOMALI)) Where do you live? Do you know Easton? yea ((SOMALI)) Over there Apartments on Stelzer Rd. there’s a Giant Eagle over there, do you know? ((SOMALI)) I know Do you know where the Dominican University is? ((SOMALI)) I live over there ((SOMALI)) Nice to meet you. I’m very glad to have met you. ((SOMALI)) Nice to meet you. ((SOMALI)) It’s important to practice like this ((SOMALI)) Do you like….. ((SOMALI)) Now? my job? ((SOMALI)) Yes ((SOMALI)) I’m a teacher ((SOMALI)) Teacher? School teacher? Private Teacher ((SOMALI)) What do you teach? ((SOMALI)) Languages.. ((SOMALI/ENGLISH)) What languages? ((SOMALI)) For example, Chinese, Japanese…. ((SOMALI)) Oh, you know those? ((SOMALI/ENGLISH)) How many languages do you know? hahahahahhahhahahahahhahahah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ((SOMALI)) A lot wow, you’re a genius fluently in all of them? Chinese,Japanese….. Chinese isn’t hard? ((SOMALI)) I’ve studied Chinese for 10 years wow which one is the hardest between Somali and Chinese? Chinese… Grammar? Somali ((SOMALI)) Writing? Chinese Somali grammar is much harder than Chinese. Chinese grammar is close to English it’s close? yea you see, Somali is crazy hahaha but,but..the Chinese speak with sounds ‘tones’ oh, yea you’re right the way they talk ((CHINESE)) I know, if I speak to you in Chinese you hear that? when I hear it, it sounds the same you know, they have the tone… hahahhahahhaa I’m just trying to practice more Somali wow,you’re good you’re very good. Because some people I work with, I try to teach them words, but they can’t say them right but the way you say the words is very perfect ((SOMALI)) Where do you work? Citibank the creditcard company? ooh ((SOMALI)) That’s good ((SOMALI)) Do you like it? ((SOMALI)) My job? ((SOMALI)) Yes ((SOMALI)) Very much yes I do ((SOMALI)) Are there many Somalis there at Citibank No like 5 ((SOMALI)) That’s it? ((SOMALI)) That’s it.. ((SOMALI)) Nice to meet you I didn’t mean to interrupt you guys from shopping oh, it’s fine, it’s fine! I was trying to practice Somali that’s amazing, you’re good yea, the way you don’t have a lot of….you’re perfect perfect? 4 months? yea, you’re perfect for 4 months ((SOMALI)) I would’ve thought you were Somali LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!!!!!! You would think I was Somali? yes lol ((SOMALI)) Are you kidding? ((SOMALI)) No, I’m not joking hahahahhahahha that’s a great compliment ((SOMALI)) Thanks OK, guys ((SOMALI)) Continue.. wait how do you say ‘continue your shopping’? ((SOMALI)) Thanks ((SOMALI)) Goodnight ((SOMALI)) Goodnight hey,do you know if they sell braelets here? sorry, I don’t speak English oh Chinese? ((MANDARIN)) Do you speak Chinese? ((MANDARIN)) I speak Chinese. You speak it too? ((MANDARIN)) Yes, I speak ((MANDARIN)) Then you’re cool! ((MANDARIN)) I’m looking for something. I’m looking for um..what do you call them.. ((MANDARIN)) Bracelets? ((MANDARIN)) Right ((MANDARIN)) Do you know if they sell them here? ((MANDARIN)) Seems that I haven’t seen them here hahahahhha ((MANDARIN)) You haven’t seen them? ((MANDARIN)) Seems that I haven’t seen any bracelets ((MANDARIN)) Thanks ((MANDARIN)) There may be some over on the other side in that corner over there.. ((MANDARIN)) OK, I’ll go check it out ((MANDARIN)) You’re awesome, you can speak Mandarin ((MANDARIN)) Where are you from? ((MANDARIN)) China..Mainland China ((MANDARIN)) I know Mainland, but which part? ((MANDARIN)) Fujian ((TAIWANESE)) Have you eaten yet? ((MANDARIN)) Taiwanese? You can speak that too? ((TAIWANESE)) I can speak Taiwanese ((MANDARIN)) wow, so cool ((MANDARIN)) I can speak Taiwanese because my wife is from Taiwan hahahhahahhahahhaha ((TAIWANESE)) I’m a minan person ((MANDARIN)) My wife is from Chiayi, Taiwan ((MANDARIN)) No wonder you can speak Mandarin ((MANDARIN)) No…if it’s Mandarin, it has nothing to do with her, but Taiwanese? ((MANDARIN)) She helped me learn this language because I didn’t have a way to learn it ((MANDARIN)) Right, Taiwanese is a bit harder to learn.. ((MANDARIN)) Well, what it is, there’s so many books for Mandarin ((MANDARIN)) Right,right ((MANDARIN)) But for Taiwanese, there isn’t that many,therefore I needed my wife’s help to learn this language ((MANDARIN)) But before I met her I already knew how to speak Mandarin. I was already fluent ((MANDARIN)) Where did you learn it? ((MANDARIN)) I taught myself ((MANDARIN)) Not bad, I can understand everything you’re saying ((MANDARIN)) That’s so cool ((MANDARIN)) how long have you been living in America for? ((MANDARIN)) I don’t, I’ve just come to visit ((MANDARIN)) Oh, so you’re visiting someone? ((MANDARIN)) Come to see my daughter ((MANDARIN)) Oh, you’re visiting someone? ((MANDARIN)) No…oh visit…my daughter ((MANDARIN)) Oh, that’s your daughter? ((MANDARIN)) Yes ((MANDARIN)) So you’re visiting her? ((MANDARIN)) Right ((MANDARIN)) What does Tanqin mean? ((MANDARIN)) It means to come and visit family ((MANDARIN)) Oh, I got it ((MANDARIN)) It means to visit ((MANDARIN)) Can she speak too? ((MANDARIN)) Yea, she can ((MANDARIN)) I just heard her speaking English and it didn’t sound like she had an accent ((MANDARIN)) No accent? ((MANDARIN)) She was born here in America ((MANDARIN)) Oh she was born here? ((MANDARIN)) Her English is very good. She studied and worked here ((MANDARIN)) Oh, really? ((MANDARIN)) Yea ((MANDARIN)) How is her Chinese? ((MANDARIN)) Her Chinese is good as well ((MANDARIN)) She’s been learning Chinese from childhood to adult ((MANDARIN)) We have twins ((MANDARIN)) Oh, so then you have kids? ((MANDARIN)) Yes, I have two ((MANDARIN)) Do both of the kids speak Mandarin? ((MANDARIN)) Well they….English, Mandarin, Taiwanese, Japanese, Korean ((MANDARIN)) They can speak all of those? ((MANDARIN)) Spanish.. ((MANDARIN)) So many?? ((MANDARIN)) They can understand all of these languages ((MANDARIN)) Oh, that’s cool ((MANDARIN)) Because they can hear them everyday ((MANDARIN)) Where do they learn this? ((MANDARIN)) At home. I’m there teacher ((MANDARIN)) You can speak many languages? ((MANDARIN)) Yes I can. I’m a language professional hahahhahahhahhhaa ((MANDARIN)) You are awesome ((MANDARIN)) His Chinese is so good, he can even speak Taiwanese! wow… ((TAIWANESE)) Do you speak Taiwanese? No No? Oh,OK ((MANDARIN)) This is your mom, right? ((MANDARIN)) Right.. ((MANDARIN)) I was just telling your mom that my wife is from Taiwan ((MANDARIN))Oh, right. People from Taiwan speak Taiwanese ((MANDARIN)) Many people in Fujian do as well ((MANDARIN)) Right ((MANDARIN)) I’m minan so I’m familiar with it Hey *************TAIWANESE SONG***************** ‘Drink a cup, drink a cup and I won’t get drunk’ ‘Gone and bring the bottle of wine and open it up’ ((MANDARIN)) He was telling me that you didn’t have an accent in your English. ((MANDARIN)) I told him you grew up here. Then he asked if you could speak Chinese, I said sure… ((MANDARIN)) Right, I saw you guys from over there and said to myself.. ((MANDARIN)) ”Oh, they look Chinese so I want to go there and practice Chinese!” ((MANDARIN)) But as soon as I hear you speak English I said to myself..oh maybe she… ”ABC” HAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAH!! ABC ((MANDARIN)) Right,right.. ((MANDARIN)) You know a lot of them that were born here can’t really speak Chinese ((MANDARIN)) How have you studied for? ((MANDARIN)) A long time. More than 10 years wow ((MANDARIN)) He said that he speaks Korean, Japanese, Spanish ((MANDARIN)) So cool ((MANDARIN)) Also Somali ((MANDARIN)) How long have you studied Korean for? ((MANDARIN)) Korean? ((MANDARIN)) About a year ((KOREAN)) Hello! Nice to meet you! ((KOREAN)) Nice to meet you! hahahhahaha ((KOREAN)) Oh, you can speak Korean? ((KOREAN)) Yes…no ((KOREAN)) No? wait hold on, this is interesting… ((KOREAN)) This is interesting ((KOREAN)) Where did you learn Korean from? Seoul ((KOREAN)) Oh, you’ve been to Seoul before? (KOREAN)) Yes wow ((KOREAN)) That’s cool ((KOREAN)) Thanks ((KOREAN)) You’re welcome wow ((MANDARIN)) You can speak… ((MANDARIN)) Just a little bit ((KOREAN)) You can speak a lot ((KOREAN)) No ((KOREAN)) That’s really good ((KOREAN)) His Korean is awesome ((KOREAN)) Awesome? ((MANDARIN)) Not bad ((MANDARIN)) Have you ever been to Korea before? ((KOREAN)) I’ve never been to Korea before, but I’ve been to Taiwan and Japan ((KOREAN)) Oh, to Japan? OK I’ve been to uh…. ((KOREAN)) In Korean hahhahahhahahhahahh ((KOREAN)) No… ((KOREAN)) Which countries have you been to? Korea and… ((KOREAN)) Japan? ((KOREAN)) China? that’s it.. that’s it? yea I’ve been to Tokyo before and when I went to Japan…I don’t know…English is kind of my first language now, but ((MANDARIN)) I’ve been to Japan, Tokyo,Korea..and just about everywhere in China ((MANDARIN)) Oh, and Burma ((MANDARIN)) You’ve been to Burma? ((MANDARIN)) I can speak that ((BURMESE)) Hello! Oh my god… ((BURMESE)) Do you speak Burmese? hahahhahhahahha ((BURMESE)) Can you speak Burmese? ((MANDARIN)) You’re awesome ((MANDARIN)) Where do you teach? ((MANDARIN)) Actually, I’m a private teacher Oh ((MANDARIN)) Therefore, I always teach other students from home ((MANDARIN)) For example, if you were interested in learning Japanese, we would use skype to meet ((MANDARIN)) this is my way of doing it ((MANDARIN)) Hey, you can teach my mom English then… ((MANDARIN)) This is interesting, my wife’s sister just came from Taiwan and she can’t speak English ((MANDARIN)) But I started teaching her English like two weeks ago. We do it for like 5 days ((MANDARIN)) So if you want…lolol ((MANDARIN)) I have the best method.. ((MANDARIN)) Really ((MANDARIN)) Yep, the best method ((MANDARIN)) How long would it take to communicate with other people ((MANDARIN)) After 6 months you would be able to communicate with people ((MANDARIN)) That’s not bad ((MANDARIN)) I think 1 year is better, but after 6 months you would be able to communicate ((MANDARIN)) Do you have a business card? ((MANDARIN)) I don’t have any now, but… ((MANDARIN)) You must have a phone though… ((MANDARIN)) Yes, I do ((MANDARIN)) You have skype so you could learn ((MANDARIN)) He can speak Chinese too so it’s even better ((MANDARIN)) How do you say ”Sister in law” ‘DA YI ZI’ ((MANDARIN)) But the way Taiwanese say it is different ((MANDARIN)) Taiwanese also say it ((MANDARIN)) I think within a few weeks though…. ((MANDARIN)) She will go back to Taiwan? ((MANDARIN)) Yea, she will go back, but we will continue using skype ((MANDARIN)) How much would it be a month though? ((MANDARIN)) How much would it be… ((MANDARIN)) If you meet with me for **3 months** $8 Oh no…hahhahaa ((MANDARIN)) $800 ((MANDARIN)) $800 USD? ((MANDARIN)) 4 months? ((MANDARIN)) 3 months ((MANDARIN)) For 3 months it’s $800 ((MANDARIN)) 100,200,300…… ((MANDARIN)) 800? ((MANDARIN)) $800 ((MANDARIN)) Is that $800 in USD? ((MANDARIN)) right, USD ((MANDARIN)) 3 months? ((MANDARIN)) 3 months ((MANDARIN)) What about 1 month though? ((MANDARIN)) 1 month is like $200 ((MANDARIN)) But 3 months is like $600 ((MANDARIN)) 3 months is month is like 200 what… ((MANDARIN)) more than 200 ((MANDARIN)) Right, more than 200 ((MANDARIN)) More than 200 ((MANDARIN)) Right,right,right… ((MANDARIN)) So, how many times would we study a week? ((MANDARIN)) 4 days a week ((MANDARIN)) 4 days a week? ((MANDARIN)) Right, 4 days ((MANDARIN)) 4 days…how much time in a day? ((MANDARIN)) One hour ((MANDARIN)) One time for one hour? ((MANDARIN)) One time for an hour, right ((MANDARIN)) One hour a day ((MANDARIN)) Yes, one hour a day ((MANDARIN)) 4 hours total a week ((MANDARIN) My American name is Moses, but my Chinese name is Mouse ((MANDARIN)) Mouse? HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA ((TAIWANESE)) In Taiwanese it’s Tcwee ((MANDARIN)) I’m calling you right now ((MANDARIN)) So you said that your name was…. ((MANDARIN)) Moses or Mouse..both are fine how do you spell your first name? ((MANDARIN)) You’ve heard this name before,right? ((MANDARIN)) Yea ((MANDARIN)) This name is in the Bible ((MANDARIN)) What about your name? ((MANDARIN)) My name is Longjin ((MANDARIN)) Alrighty, if you have time you can contact me ((MANDARIN)) I can introduce my wife to you ((MANDARIN)) She must speak English as well,right? ((MANDARIN)) She speaks English, Taiwanese, Mandarin, Japanese, Korean… nice ((MANDARIN)) Awesome ((MANDARIN)) He has two kids and he they know all of those languages as well wow ((MANDARIN)) It’s because they can hear these languages everyday ((MANDARIN)) So awesome ((MANDARIN)) SUPER COOL! HAHAHAHHAHAHAH ((MANDARIN)) In Korean you say ”JANG” ((MANDARIN)) You’ve never been to China though? ((MANDARIN) I’ve been to Taiwan 3 times ((MANDARIN)) Wow, he’s never been there and knows so much. He also knows ”NIU BI” ((MANDARIN)) ”SUPER COOL” have you heard this one before? It’s used in Beijing ((MANDARIN)) I’ve never heard that one before hahahhahahah ((MANDARIN)) That’s pretty good ((MANDARIN)) I’ll give you a call though and see ((MANDARIN)) OK ((MANDARIN)) If you want to learn you’re going to have to really learn ((MANDARIN)) She uses some software all the time, but it’s not quite useful ((MANDARIN)) I think it would be better if she had a teacher ((MANDARIN)) Not to meantion have some who speaks Chinese as a teacher ((MANDARIN)) He speaks Chinese so we can use Chinese for communication ((MANDARIN)) It will be a bit more comfortable and easy because I can explain certain things to her ((MANDARIN)) My sister-in-law couldn’t speak any English. She’s just like your mom,but ((MANDARIN)) We’ve been studying for two weeks so… ((MANDARIN)) She’s starting to speak a bit ((MANDARIN)) Yep,bit by bit… ((MANDARIN)) She can say… ‘Sorry, I don’t speak English’ hahhahahhahha I saw you guys standing here and said to myself ”I want to practice, but how am I going to ask?” So, I asked her about the bracelets oh yea I said ‘hey, do you know where I can find the bracelets?’ and she said ‘I don’t speak English’ hahahhahhahahhahahha ((MANDARIN)) Alrighty, I won’t keep you guys, I’m going back home! OK ((MANDARIN)) I will contact you ((MANDARIN)) OK ((MANDARIN)) Goodnight Nice meeting you ((MANDARIN)) Nice to meet you guys. Bye bye.. ((MANDARIN)) Be safe on the roads now.. hahahahhha ((KOREAN)) Goodbye ((KOREAN)) Goodbye