Hi there, my name is Maia About a month ago I came back from a study abroad in Japan and I had the time of my life. So I know from experience the navigating a country when you’re not familiar in the
language is really *bleeping* hard. That’s why I wanted to create this video series to help travelers or fellow study abroad students have an easier time navigating a country that is not their own. Today we’re going to be talking
about how to take the train, a little bit about Wi-Fi and data. And then I want to tell you the secret to having the best *bleeping* time so in Japan. So if you want to know, keep on
watching. So, I love *bleeping* LOVE public transportation. Like seriously, when I lived in Japan
during middle school in Yokohama, I could take the train to Tokyo by myself with no parental supervision and I’d like be fine, and I was 12! Then we moved to the Midwest where you need a car to go *bleeping* anywhere, and I I’m 22 now and my parents
have to drive me to work. Uh, anyways public transportation in Japan
is superb, but it can be a little bit confusing. But don’t worry I’ll walk you
through it. I don’t know how many tips I have so we’re gonna count through them together as I go through them, like it’s not like I have a whole script outlining
everything So the biggest tip that I can give is to just follow the signs around the station if you can follow them, then you should be… Most signs are written in
Japanese, English, and also sometimes in Chinese and Korean so you should be
good as long as you know any of those four languages. So first I would check the NaviTime Japan Travel app on my phone. I highly recommend that you download it,
used it all the time, would recommend. Okay, let’s pretend that we’re going from
Tokyo Station to Motomachi-Chūkagai Station. Um, so a little plug here, you should definitely put Yokohama on your travel itinerary because it is the best effing city in the world. I love it. So I’m not gonna go through every single little detail because a lot of things are intuitive and I respect your
intelligence. If you click here, you can put what time you want to leave, what time you want to arrive, and we can also search for the first train of the day
and the last train of the day. I used the last train of the day feature a lot because when I would go out drink with my friends I wanted to catch the train
because I didn’t want to pay for taxi. Oh, speaking from vicarious experience, be careful about taking the train late at night especially if you have to
do a transfer on your train because the first train that you take might be
running until midnight but the second string that you take might be running
until 10 o’clock so if you take the train at 11 so there are several
different ways that you can get to your final destination and those app will
give you different options the first price is what you would pay if you buy a
ticket at a ticket machine to figure out how much you have to pay just look at
the map above the machine and find the station that you want to go to or a
station that you have to transfer in and there will be a number and that’s how
much your fare is and then the smaller price is what you
would pay if you use an IC card I highly recommend that you get one you can get
it at any station at the ticket machine and it cost only 500 s which is the
equivalent of five dollars and you can return it and get your money back
but also it makes a really cool souvenir so when you plan where you’re going make
sure you given yourself enough time for transferring because when you transfer
it may be that you just walk across the platform to the other side or that you
have to get on another platform or you may have to get out of the ticket gate
to go to another part of the station for another train company’s line or you may
even have to walk to another station altogether so just plan some cushion
time so the two most important information that you need to know is
what line you’re taking and what the final destination of that line is oh my
god I have a video for this okay so say you’re going from Cooney dot C to change
it so you want to look for a train that says it is the Chuo line and that its
final destination that the train is bound for Tokyo Station and you want to
make sure that you’re going on the right direction and one way to know is to see
if you’re passing by the stations that you need to pass by and you can check
that by clicking here I want to make sure that I’m passing by
Michiko Quincy another important thing that you should know is that most lines
will have a local trade a rapid train an express train and also a limited Express
train the local train stops at every single station and the limited Express
train only goes to the major stations it’s definitely an easy mistake to get
on the wrong train so just be careful with that not that I’m speaking from
personal experience or okay so now random tidbits of
information I’ve had the experience where there were two stations with very
similar names it was like Wakayama station and wakaya mashie station so you
know just make sure you’re typing in and going to the right station there’s other
ways you’re gonna be on the station by yourself waiting for thirty minutes
while you’re poor cuz it tries to find you
sometimes the train just chills there for a few minutes that’s completely
normal just chill with it if you see this keychain on someone’s backpack it
means that they’re pregnant so you should definitely give up your seat for
them also give up your seat to the elders you’ve followed us it’s polite to
not talk too much on the train if you do just be mindful of your volume because
what you may consider quiet may not be what everybody else around to you
because if you have a backpack it’s generally polite to take that out of
your back if you’re boarding a train and put it in front of you or keep it down
on your side do that especially if you’re riding the train during a rush
hour Oh another thing yeah if you take the train during rush hour it’s gonna
get super super crowded oh if you have an IC card and you don’t have enough
money on it but your inner russian are about to miss the train as long as
there’s just even a little bit of money on your IC card you should be able to go
in and then once you arrive at your final destination you can go to the fare
adjustment machine and put in the money to pay for the fare a lot of stations
have multiple exits so if you’re meeting up with somebody make sure you determine
which exit you’ll be meeting at uber and lifts are not really thing except for in
bigger cities so if you’re going somewhere that you can’t reach by train
or bus you can call a taxi if you don’t speak Japanese I would recommend asking
we eat friend or somebody the hotel to also reserve your taxi to pick you up on
your way back if you’re a study abroad student living there for a few months
get a mama chatty I think this is it for public
transportation later in the video I will talk about data in Wi-Fi but before that
I promised that I would tell you the secrets having the best time in Japan so
here it is I think we can all agree that one of the best things about traveling
is the people that you’ll be able to meet so my advice for that is don’t be a
fucking creep I’m giving you info on traveling so you get to hear me talk
about the things that I want to talk about this is directed at everyone but
let’s be real I’m mostly talking to his head white men before you click out just
hear me out I promise that this is going somewhere and that there’s actual advice
tine all of this time to talk about racial fetishism and a very rough
definition of that is when somebody is very into someone not because of their
personality or their character but specifically because of their race in
this fetishization of East and Southeast Asian people especially of the women
this called yellow fever and unfortunately this is very rampant among
men going to Asia let me be clear being told by somebody that they have a
preference for Asian women is not a compliment
it is dehumanizing and it’s a form of racism oftentimes the reason somebody is
into somebody is because of stereotypes like this stereotype that Asian women
are submissive which is just I have been on the end of that and I can tell right
away that you’re way more interested who I actually am you’re seeing me as
your object and culture it’s what you may think I’ll not here on this earth
severe ethnic sex toy and like I say this as a joke but also not because that
actually is the attitude of a lot of people so I’m telling you now just leave
that shit in your home country if you claim that you are a respectful person
then learn whatever skirt type you may have about Asian people and leave people
alone if they’re not interested in you simply put don’t be a creep and if this
video is making you feel comfortable good think through it and figure out why
then challenge yourself to be a better person and you may think that you’re not
being this racist or this violent but even if you’re just a little bit too
obsessed with Asian people you know to tie it all together
don’t bring the attitude when you go to Japan and you’ll be able to meet the
people for who they are and you won’t be chasing some twisted idea of how they
should be when I was ready notes for this there was a lot to say because this
is a very nuanced conversation like it’s obviously not only Asian women who deal
with this shit all four men of color and trans women and disabled women and fat
woman and also non-binary folks deal with this kind of fetishization right
and the issue of yellow fever is not about just one dude who is way too much
into anime it is a whole violence system rooted in imperialism and Japan is very
much implicated in this writing all of this down made me have even more
questions so I want to do my research and make another video about this
whether there is demands or not ok so now on to Wi-Fi and data if you are H
like me you’ll try to rely entirely on public Wi-Fi and it’s definitely
possible to do that but honestly I wouldn’t recommend it
because I use mostly public Wi-Fi I don’t have much information to give you
so I will put some links down below with more thorough information but I want to
give you a base in a starting point for the most part you have two options you
can rent a pocket Wi-Fi and you can any SIM cards my Anspach at Wi-Fi whisper
deeds aren’t reliable I’m sad to remember to charge it every night
otherwise I’d be screwed next day but it can be a little bit expensive which is
why if you’re traveling for more than just a few days I would recommend
getting a SIM cards so if we’re going to do that make sure that your phone is
unlocked otherwise you won’t be able to use the SIM cards you can ask your
carrier for how lucky your phone some of my friends got a SIM card and they paid
about $25 to $30 for a data planner so that means they couldn’t call or text
but they could use data and if you have messenger or whatsapp our line which is
the message in a fattest most Eastern Japan which I highly recommend they
download you can text or follow anybody that also has data again I don’t know
much of this I’ll leave some links down below in the description box with some
more information okay that’s it for this video thank you so much for watching
next video I’m gonna be talking about money and how to make travel in Japan
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you would like me to talk about and i’ma try to address some later video but her
ointment read up on toxic mess community and leave me alone also like life is so
much more fun when you respect other people like you hate yourself a little
bit less okay nobody come but early thank you so much bye