Hello everyone and welcome to Assignment
Desk again. Today we’ll be discussing your admission essay. So what is it and
why is it important. Consider someone trying to get to know you just by
looking at your scorecards and certificates. The person can tell how you
did it your academics and various other activities you participated in. But they
cannot tell the whole story about you. For example they would not be able to
tell if you are a serious person or a funny one. If you’re determined or
laid-back. If you like to spend your time outdoors or alone with your computer. In
short they won’t be able to judge you as a person. Let’s assume there are 100
applicants at the college of your dreams and only 10 are to be selected out of
them. Most of us fall into the same category when it comes to grades. This
means on paper everyone is identical in that is the reason why you need to set
yourself apart from other applicants. Admission essays are application essays
as they call it provide a way for the selectors to get to know the candidates
as the individuals there really are behind their scorecards. They get an
additional parameter to judge the candidates on their personality. You
being the applicant get to tell them who you really are. Share the experiences
that help. Shape the sculpture people call by your name today and the
qualities that set you apart from those other 99 applicants. So with the
importance of application essays established. Let’s talk about how you can
write an impressive one yourself. All of us tend to procrastinate until it
gets absolutely necessary if you are one of us, you need to rethink your
priorities. You should plan your application essay before it gets too
late. This allows you to put your best efforts into the essay. In order to
maximize the output within the time you have you need to organize your work. So
how do I organize an essay? You ask well. We’re all aware that an essay consists
of three parts which are first up the hook second the main body and lastly the
conclusion. Holding the reader with a catchy introduction is important and
some hooks anecdotes and rhetorical questions to it be very confident about
your stand. When writing the body of your essay don’t go about telling the same
things that are already there in your application.
Tell them you’re more than just some numbers on a sheet of paper.
Keep the conclusion of your application essay. Concise just emphasize on the main
points while summarizing your essay and tell them you’re looking forward to the
opportunity. The intended reader of this essay knows all about your academics and
wants to get an understanding of the human behind all those documents and
grades. So, communicate through your essay. Anticipate what questions the reader
might have about the things that you are sharing and address them with in your
essay. If possible don’t be afraid to put personal pronouns and phrases into it. As
it conveys a sense of your true personality. You’re allowed to be
passionate and intense while writing about something. You really care for
avoid being monotonous and boring but don’t forget authenticity is
appreciated. While exaggeration is not and most
readers can tell when you’re stretching it unnecessarily. You can read some good
essays to learn the use of vitals like flow voice and tone. In order to create
the desired effect on the reader do not hesitate to ask for help. It may come
from a fellow student a senior your school / college mentors or your
siblings. Basically, anyone who knows this stuff and can help while it is common
sense to some it may turn out to be life-saving advice for others. I’m
talking about checking your essay for errors. You should check your essay 2 to
3 times thoroughly before submitting. it And ironically at last the most
important tip of them all. Start early this would give you enough time to try
and perfect your essay. Ask for constructive feedback from learned
people once you’ve written your draft, and remember nobody else no matter how
qualified can write your essay for you. Let us go through what we learned today
once more. 1 The importance of admission essays. 2. Organizing your essay. 3 Being
authentic and expressing your true self in the essay. 4 Avoiding exaggeration 5
Checking for errors. 6 reading good examples of essays
7. Asking for constructive feedback. and starting before it’s too late. Hope you enjoyed while learning. something new today. LIKE THIS VIDEO and
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