What’s your video content strategy? And
do you have one? There is one out there called Hub, Hero, Help, ever heard of it?
We’re gonna dig into that right now! There’s a lot of different types, of
strategies that you can apply to your video content marketing but this one: Hub,
Hero, Help is a really powerful one and actually YouTube has create a whole
bunch of resources on it for their own creators… YouTubers, because they know it
works and YouTubers use it and it does work. You’ve may have heard this concept
before but I’d like to hopefully bring you a new perspective, a different way of
thinking about it that you might have not before. So let’s really dig into it,
there are three things, right? Hub, hero, help and their different types of
content and frequencies of how you create this content. The first one is Hub
and this idea is to focus on your community, your hub, the people that
come into, your subscribers, your customers, your clients… people that know
you and you’re maybe answering questions, you’re sharing an update of what’s new
in your company of what’s going on. It’s much about the human connection:
you’re just chatting, you have a conversation. This could be a livestream
or it can also be recorded and this is usually on a monthly basis. The idea here
is that once a month, or bimonthly you share a little new, what’s
happening here. We do a video newsletter with our community sharing what’s new at
the studio. And the idea is, again, to be consistent on this so that people say “Oh,
yeah that’s right, that’s cool, I see what you guys are doing and that’s nice”. And
again it reaffirms that they like you and the day they want to know more and
they want to stay connected, it keeps them coming back again and again. And ideally
buying from your business once again. The second is Hero and this is designed
to be captivating, it’s it’s meant to be a big production. This is where we want
to put a lot of your resources and time Often this will be really funny or
entertaining or very moving and it could be a news topic, it could be something
just in your industry, it just captivates your potential customers and
it makes them want to share it. It’s just so interesting, it’s not really salesy:
you’re not trying to sell a specific product, you’re not trying to
sell your company. It’s just a feeling! Often, if you look at brand ads for big
companies: Apple does or Google does those are often hero content to just
make you feel “Yeah, I like them” or Coke commercials, you know those are
hero content so we put a lot of your resources, but you don’t do a lot of
these: maybe once a quarter, maybe once a year that you just invest into it and if
you can tie around maybe a popular topic or discussion that people are having-
it’s called newsjacking- and that is another way to hop on a conversation
that people are having, you can dig into and say “Oh okay cool now what do
they have to say?” But again you don’t do this too often. The third one is Help, is
what it sounds like, this is where you’re answering questions. Ideally you’re
searching for what are people searching for so you do a little research to
understand that questions that people have and they’re creating content around:
answers, maybe tutorials demonstration, videos, maybe about your product or
industry questions. And that’s what this series is and this needs to be not
too difficult to do, because you want to do this the most frequent: ideally once a
week where it’s just constantly creating content. And this is evergreen, it’ll
always stay valuable because it’s helpful content and ideally this is
where people are going on Google or YouTube and they’re searching for an
answer and they see your content and then they want to learn more and it’s
just very helpful to have this type of content. So those are the 3
types and often you can look at this there’s a lot of articles out there you
can do some research even more about this, they actually put Hero at the top.
If you look at a sales funnel where clients come in the top and then they
slowly get filtered down. Leads come in the top and then the clients,
ideally they become clients, at the bottom. Hero is where they first hear
about you they’re like “Wow, this is so cool”,
not really salesy, you know, marketing is just your why, why you’re in business and
then you get down to maybe the Hub content, you’re starting to like them a
bit more you’re like “Oh yeah this is cool, I remember the company I want to get to
know them”. You get to have that human connection and then the Help. They’re
like “Oh, wow these are experts! I like these guys, I trust them” Because you’re
constantly creating this content, very frequently and then they buy. So that’s
often how that how people look at it. So they put Hero at
the very top. They start with Hero then Hub then Help. But I actually put
Hub first because I think it’s easier to create the Hub just “Hey, let’s share an
update of what’s new at our company, what’s new with our team, what’s new with
our brand!” And then have that there and then focus on the big Hero. Because if
you had the Hero, but no other content then people are “Oh, great that was nice
video but then there’s nothing else to look at” There’s nothing else to continue
the relationship so if you’re looking at this strategy this is a decent one to
to apply, again I mentioned YouTube gives this
education of their own YouTubers to apply because it works. You might
want to start with Hub, maybe even Help before you get to the Hero
so you’re consistently creating content and then you put a lot of time and
effort, money and resource into your big Hero piece of content and this is where
you also want to put some paid distribution on those, where as maybe the
Hub and Help is your owned media: we’re meaning you sent out an email update
around it, like our video newsletter we share it via our email list and your own
social sites. But the Hero is where you put some paid distribution as an ad to
go out ,that brings people in. I hope this has provided a new perspective on the
Hub, Hero, Help concept. Please subscribe, hit that little bell icon to get
notified when we got a new video online I’m Alex with Your Local Studio. Let’s go
make some video!