To succeed in international business today, you have to go beyond business. My career in marketing, and as an entrepreneur, showed me how important working internationally is in today’s hyperconnected world. I knew I had to look beyond my hometown, for a business school that exposes me to different cultures. At Hult, my classmates and professors come from every corner of the globe and all areas of business. I’m learning how to work across cultures, bring consensus, and develop solutions for a global audience so I can make an impact wherever my career takes me. Working in Silicon Valley, I see firsthand how technology is driving change in every industry. After finishing my Bachelor’s degree in Biotech, I wanted a business degree that would help grow my passion into a career. Hult was as focused on the future as I was. Studying there gave me the right skillset and the right network to forge a career that’s transforming how the world works. I believe in learning by doing. Nothing beats a hand-on roll-up-your-sleeve experience. Hult provides an environment that constantly encourages us to do that. Whether it’s working with a team to bring our startup idea to market, or organizing a large-scale event. I grew so much from these practical experiences, learning about my strengths and weaknesses, and how to become a leader. I learned about the world. I learned about the future. I learned about myself.