IEFT International Education Fair – Istanbul (2016) It is always said that the interest to the international education is increasing. Thus, we wanted to see the level of interest to the international education. We attended at the Istanbul Congress Center for the 30th IEFT Overseas Education Fair. We wanted to see what is in there for you visatc followers. It is apparent that there is an increase in the interest for international education as a result of the support of Council of Higher Education and developments in Turkey. Another issue that surprises us is that there are too many applications for high schools. From the summer school to the summer college, it offers a wide range of educational opportunities for young people from many different fields. After we learned that there are more than 50 educational institutions from UK, we visited the stand of British Council. We visited the stand of British Council and had an interview with Bora Can, Director of Examination Services of British Council. Bora Can – Director of Examination Services of British Council British Council is a NGO in UK that executes the cultural and educational isssues of UK. How does British Council works? What are the supports for students. We are attending to fair as examination services of British Council Turkey. As yo know, it is necessary for students who will study in a university with official language of English, to prove that they speak English. We are organizing IELTS exam three or four times in a month in 7 city of Turkey. The candidates attend this exam to prove that they know and speak English for international education application or for visa application… …because some countries like UK, Canada and Australia want to prove the level of English during visa application. The exam measures 4 different skills which are reading, writing, listening and speaking. It takes two to three hours. How is IELTS exam is applied? What does it have in its content? There are some other online tests. However, IELTS is a paper-based exam. Reading, writing and listening parts are paper based. In the spaeaking part, the instructer asks three different questions which takes about 15 minutes to answer. It grades your English lever from 0 to 9. What is necessary grade for international education? Every university has its own grade system. However, grades above 5.5 are acceptible. What do you suggest for the candidates? They should take the accurate information from the institution directly because every institution has different application conditions, application documents and required exams . IELTS is recognized by over 3,000 institutions in USA and over 9,000 institutions worldwide. Most of the institutions that have education in English from the Nedherlands, Germany, Belgium, Italy recegnizes IELTS. Every country has different application conditions for visa and immigration. What are the exam conditions for situations like work permit, immigration, visa application. For example, if you want to visit Canada, you should take necessary information from Embassy of Canada. UK recognizes IELTS exam for visa applications. However, the most accurate information should be obtained from the immigration bureaux. What do you think about VisaTv? We always need for insititutions that give the accurate and objective information to candidates.