Good morning. Good morning. My name is Michelle Ho. Can you tell me your full name please? My name is Sin Yuk Cheung Issac. Can I check your identification? Of course. That’s fine, thank you. Thank you. Now in this first part, I’d like to ask
you some more questions about yourself, OK? OK. Can you describe the area where you
live to me? Well I live in Hong Kong, to be specific
in Tseun Wan, which is a residential district with little commercial elements in it
and it is quite a nice community to live in. What jobs do people in your town do? Well mostly people in my town are teachers, lawyers and doctors. How has your town or city changed over the last 20 years? Well to say that my town has developed,
really developed a lot and and many old buildings were torn down and I was kind
of sad about it because I lived in my district like for my entire life and but
there are some great features about the new buildings like the new malls, and the new shops and new places to hang with my friends, so there is benefits … and there
are benefits and some disadvantages, yeah. Do you think it is better to live
in the centre of town or outside in the country? Well I believe that living inside the
town is much better than living in the countryside because it gets more
convenient to travel to different places around the city and living in
countryside often have some undesirable pests, so I don’t like pests so much, so I
like to prefer staying in city. Now, let’s go on to reading. Do you enjoy
reading? Well I enjoy reading, and I read a lot of books, especially those … those
fictions, because I find that when I’m reading I can immense (immerse) myself into a different world and I can really dump away all those troubles in my real life. What sort of things do you like to read? Well I like reading fictions as it provides you with a completely new world, especially those science fiction … science fiction novels, which gives you chance to
like to flow through space and to explore the universe and something like that. Tell me something about your favourite
book. Well my favourite book is actually not a
science fiction novel. It is a kind of political novel. It is the 1984 by
George Orwell, and, and it is quite shocking. After I read it, about how a régime can
monitor the people, and what’s more shocking is that many governments, even
the those governments that claim to be free, also uses such method to control
the people, so that the horror it depicts in the novel is kind of … kind of reflected in
the real society nowadays, so it really influences me the most, yeah. What are the advantages of reading
instead of watching television or going to the cinema? Well I think the major advantage over, of
books over movie and TV shows is that it gives you the space to imagine as the TV, both TV and films would limit your imagination by showing the images the director wants
you to see but when the writer creates a world and with his words, his or her words, you
can imagine according to his or her words, and also
adding to your own personal experience, so I think this is the magnificent …
magnificent point of reading books. Now, let’s talk about transport. How did
you come here today? Well I come here … I came here today by
MTR. What is public transport like in your town? Well, the major public transport in my
country is the railway, the underground railway, and also buses and they are
quite convenient unlike most countries, because Hong Kong is a small city and … but the traffic demand is high, so they often have a
tight (frequent) schedule so it won’t take long for people to wait for the transportation. OK. Now I’m going to give you a topic and
I’d like you to talk about this for one to two minutes. You will have one minute to
prepare. Do you understand? Yes. Here is a pencil and paper for writing
notes, and here is your topic. Please do not write anything on the
topic paper. I’d let you to talk about an exciting experience. Alright? Remember, you have one to two
minutes for this, so don’t worry if I stop you. I’ll tell you when the time is up. Can you start speaking now please? So, I would say the most exciting experience in my life was last summer when I had my
graduation trip in Taiwan, and what happened exactly is that I rent a bike
in the city in Taiwan from the hotel and I was planning to … to watch the sunset in
the … in the coast line and after I I left … when I left the park, it was already … and it was already night, so everything was dark, and as I was riding a bike, so
I have to use the road with heavy traffics, and there are a lot of
motorbikes in Taiwan, so I accidentally crashed into one of the motorbikes and I
got slightly injured and then I was received … I was received (picked up) by a house
owner nearby and he invited me into his house and he treated me well, and but
when I want to get back to the hotel, I find out that I forgot my way and I’d even forgot the name of the hotel, so I don’t know what to do I was desperate, by then, but the house owner was great enough to ask around, to tell, to call each hotel and find out
whether my friend is in the hotel or not, and by some miracle, he found where my
hotel is, and he personally drive me, drove me back to the hotel. Thank you. Would you like to do this
again? Well, I don’t think I would like to crash
my bike again, especially it’s not mine. I rent it. And, but if any of the bad things
ever happen again, I was … I would be happy to be … to be received by such … hospitable person and that was quite an exciting and unforgetting (unforgettable) experience. Thank you. Can I take the paper and pencil back please? Thank you. We’ve been talking about an exciting
experience in your life. Now I’d like to discuss with you one or two more general questions relating to this topic. First, let’s consider taking risks. What risks should people try to avoid? Well, I think that those risk which would endanger lives should be avoided, like
the new sports currently, the “parkour”, which some may play normally in parks
using park benches or wall or short walls to play parkour, but some people may
be too dangerous and they play on the rooftops and they took selfies on a
rooftop which is quite a dangerous thing, considering that not only you will fall
off the building and die, you could also injure someone who is
walking below on the streets, so taking … it is important for you to consider your
own safety as well as other’s safety in carrying dangerous actions, yeah. So do you think the government
should set up some legislation to prevent people from taking such risks? Well I think that is quite hard for the
government is set up a legis … to set up legislation to forbid people from
committing (undertaking) dangerous acts because everyone has their right to do
whatever they want as long as it is not doing harm to others but they can do
things to harm themselves and they can say that this is their human right, and
you can’t violate it. Do you think people take fewer risks as they grow older? Well, I believe that is … that is right,
because as a person gets older he or she knows more about the world, and maybe they have a lot more detachment (attachments), like to attach to their partners, to their families,
to their children, and they have too much responsibility in their hands, they can’t
take risks no more so they will tend to be more conservative when they get older. Now let’s move on to adventure. How important is it to have adventures
in our lives? Well having adventure in our lives is so important because it not
only … get you out of your comfort zone, you get to … you get to know
yourself … you get to discover yourself in a different aspect from what
you have already empowered (envisaged) and you’ve got (get) to explore your potentials to a certain extent that you may actually acquire new skills, and also not
the most important thing about having adventure is to be exciting about your
life instead of like working like robot every day, and be really a human. Do you think people in your country are adventurous? Well, I say the people in my country are
not quite adventurous. They tend to be more conservative and careful about
their moves (actions) because what they really … what they really hope for is a house, a car, a family, that’s all they want, they don’t want any surprises, and even
the word “surprises” sometimes (is) negative in Chinese. So I would say they don’t like
adventures. What do people learn about themselves
from having adventures? Well personally, I learned, what I
learned from adventures that I find out that I have certain skills like when I
got lost in Taiwan I find out that my some people do not trust other people
easily but when their … the house owner received me, I was, I have complete
faith in him, so I find out that I can be confident with someone I don’t know. I
can be comfortable with total strangers. So this is my kind of power in … after having adventures. Thank you. That’s the end of the speaking