Hi there! It’s Asiya and for today’s video
I’ve prepared some of the most difficult questions that students reported in
IELTS Speaking Part 1 in 2020. I’m gonna give you sample answers (those are
around 8.5) and some vocabulary to help you improve your answers. Just one word
of warning: don’t learn my answers by heart because you’ll be penalized for
memorized answers. But feel free to use any vocabulary or phrases. Okay, let’s get
started! the first topic is hair and I have a
number of questions do you often go to a hairdresser or barber a hairdresser is
for ladies and a barber is for men I have three options so everyone could find the
one that suits them I could say I try to go there as rarely as I can
usually I ask for a short haircut and then I wait for half a year before
booking another visit or another option is I’m trying to grow my
hair at the moment so I don’t want to cut it but I usually book a blow dry
before important events a blow-dry is when a hairdresser dries your hair and
makes it look nice someone could say I like to keep my hair neat so I have a
cut every month a haircut is also a cut and the next question is how long have
you had the same haircut for a couple of years I guess in the past I used to wear
my hair long and I would style it up or down but then one day I decided that a
bob would look more stylish here are a few expressions for you to wear your
hair long or short or to have long or short hair to wear your hair up is like
that or down do you want to change your hair color in the future I wouldn’t do
anything drastic but I guess I would dye it a shade lighter in summer and then
back to dark brown in winter to dye your hair means to change its color and you
can say to dye your hair blonde or to dye your hair dark brown if dyeing your hair is completely alien
to you you could say I believe that people are born with a hair color that
suits them best so I would never die my hair pens or pencils do you prefer
writing with a pen or pencil neither people complain that my handwriting is
almost eligible I prefer to type handwriting is a good word and eligible
means it’s hard to read I personally could say I find it easy and quicker to
use a pen and that’s what I use whenever I need to write something by hand but in
most cases I type so to write something by hand or to type how often do you buy
pens or pencils to be honest I don’t remember when I bought stationery last
but at home I have a full box of pens and pencils from different conferences
and events stationery is pens pencils paper everything for writing what would
you do if someone gave you a pen as a gift if it’s a nice pen I would
definitely keep it and I would carry it with my notebook in my handbag or in
case I need to write something down in English it’s very common to say to write
something down as a phrasal verb it seems quite a few people were asked
questions about their voice here they are do you like your voice the first
time I heard it on a recording I didn’t because it sounded so different to how I
heard myself but gradually I’ve got used to it to get used to something is a good
phrase does anyone in your family has the same
voice as you people say that my voice is very much like my mom’s and also we talk
in a similar way so whenever I visit her and pick up the phone everyone thinks
it’s her and to pick up the phone means to answer the phone has your voice
changed over time I don’t think that my voice has become any different more my
manner of using it in the past I used to speak in a more high-pitched voice but I
try not to do it anymore a high-pitched voice is when you speak
like that and the low-pitched voice is like that I hope you can hear the
difference and I guess the answer to this question for men would be different
and you could say my voice broke when I was 14 and in a matter of months it
became much deeper and lower when a boy’s voice transforms into men’s voice
in English we say the voice breaks another common topic today is water
sports so here are a few that are easier to talk about swimming snorkeling diving
or scuba diving and kayaking here is the first question do you like water sports
I’m fond of swimming and all kinds of water activities but in reality I don’t
often have a chance to do more than swimming at my gym because I live in
England and seas here a pretty cold sometimes if you just answer the
question your answer will be very short and you should add some extra
information to expand it for example in the answer I’ve just given
I answered if I like watersports and then I added how often they do them I
have a separate video about how to expand your answers in part one it will
be linked below and then next question is what water sport would you like to
try I’d love to try scuba diving I was lucky enough to go on holiday to
tropical islands a couple of times and they tried snorkeling there it was an
absolutely mind-blowing experience and I’d love to learn how to scuba dive and
the next question is why and don’t be surprised sometimes you say something
and the examiner just asks you the same thing again don’t get confused it’s just
because it’s on the list of their questions so try to expand on your
answer I could say I find the underwater world so fascinating but when snorkeling
I could only see a fraction of what’s underneath either had some proper
breathing equipment I could see so much more and sometimes there is even a
question about what equipment you need for this water spot so I’m gonna give
you some vocabulary for snorkeling you need a mask you need a snorkel that’s
the pipe you use for breathing and things that’s what you put on your feet
and for scuba diving on top of that you also need a wetsuit that will keep you
warm and breathing equipment and the next topic is cakes before we start I
wanna say that if you want to learn how to meet each requirement in IELTS
speaking and get many more questions for practice questions from recent exams
feel free to check out my ultimate guide to IELTS speaking I’m gonna link it in
the scription box below okay but the first
question about cakes is do you like eating cakes I’m a sweet tooth and I
love cakes tops and all the things they sell in patisserie
but I try to be reasonable and only eat them occasionally a sweet tooth is
someone who likes sweet stuff cakes tots are just different kinds of cakes and
tea saris are shops that sell them what are your favorite cakes this question is
plural so I can give several kinds of cakes I could say I love fruit tarts
because they’re not too sweet and don’t contain much cream I’m not a fan of
cream I’ve also tried Japanese cakes a couple of times and those were really
nice subtle and sophisticated do you know how to bake a cake yourself
I cook regularly but I don’t bake much I can make a couple of things such as an
apple pie or a lemon crumble but I’m afraid I would have to follow a recipe
for anything else so an apple pie and the lemon crumble I indeed two cakes I
love most and to follow a recipe is a good phrase to know the next topic is
running and that’s not something I like talking about and I will show you how
you can answer questions when you don’t have much to say in IELTS speaking as
long as you keep on talking it’s all right so here is the first question do
you like running definitely not I enjoy many different kinds of physical
activities but running is not one of them
I particularly hate jogging jogging is when you run at the slow speed to
exercise when was the last time you ran oh about a week ago I needed to catch a
bus in the countryside but my train was late so I saw the bus already at the bus
stop when I was like a hundred meters away and I ran like crazy
to catch it the bus driver was very nice and waited for me have you taken part in any running
competitions oh gosh definitely not that’s not something and
compared to do I believe that people should find a way to exercise which they
actually enjoy in IELTS speaking you don’t have to provide good ideas as long
as you keep on talking it’s fine let’s talk about holidays do you like to go on
one long holiday or several short ones I believe everyone should have one long
holiday a year I mean a four week and two weekends to have enough time to
fully disconnect from work or studies and to feel really relaxed and
reinvigorated and the rest of the time just having our long weekends is enough
a long weekend is Saturday Sunday and either Monday or Friday when you have
like three days away when you go on holiday
do you prefer to visit cities or to go to the beach it’s really hard to say I
like both but you know if I was forced to choose I guess I would say that I
prefer to feel connected to the nature and to either go to the seaside or
simply to the countryside you can talk about
several types of holiday city breaks beach holidays and escapes to the
countryside tell me about the best holiday trip you’ve had it must be my
honeymoon we went to Hawaii visited three Islands when with dolphins and
turtles flew in the helicopter eat amazing food it was just absolutely
incredible it sounds good right but it wouldn’t get
a high score in IELTS writing do you know why because I simply mention things
in order to tell you more in just a couple of sentences naturally we often
do it but in IELTS speaking you need to develop your ideas let me try again
it must be my honeymoon we went to Hawaii and one day we took a helicopter
tour have you seen the Jurassic world movie with all the jungles and
waterfalls and absolutely incredible landscapes that was the location where
the movie was actually shot and it looks even better in reality and we flew over
this island in the helicopter with our doors open and someone here the examiner
would interrupt me because my answer is just getting too long but it’s not a
problem at all and I haven’t told you much about the
holiday just about one small part of it and it’s not a problem either and if you
want to learn how to meet each requirement in IELTS speaking and get
more questions and topics for your practice check out my ultimate guide to
IELTS speaking and you will get it all in one PDF guide thank you for watching
me today good luck with your preparation and your exam bye