Hello. Hello. How are you this afternoon?
Hi, my name is Kiet and good afternoon. Okay my name is Chris. I work
at IELTS 360, one of the partner institutions with Testuru. Oh yes. So to
start with, just let me check with you have you ever done an IELTS speaking
test before? I have done some(tests) in some English tutor but just a small part not
full three parts. Okay alright. So what will happen today is I will go through
the three parts of the speaking test. Oh yes. While you’re responding, I
might interrupt you in order to move on to a new question. If I do interrupt you,
please remember that it is just so that I can move to another question. It is not
a comment on the quality of your responses. Okay. Can I ask one question? Do you hear me clearly? Can you hear me? I hear you. I meant yes I do. I hear you clearly now. Okay. Alright.
So if you have any other questions before we begin, I think I’m fine. Yeah
let’s start. Oh I’m ready. Alright. So I’m gonna start recording now. Yes. Alright so we’re gonna start by talking
about what you do. So are you a student or do you work? Oh well I’m currently a
student at Pho Thong Nang Khieu high school for the gifted, and that school is
located in district 5, and that is quite a top school at Hochiminh City and yeah I’m in grade 11 if I finished December, I will be in grade 12. Okay great, and can you tell me uh how do you usually go to school in the mornings? Well it
depends. I usually go to school by my father’s motorbikes but if the weather is quite bad like yesterday, I made it to go to school by bus. But I’m
feel comfortable when I’m going with my father because he always buys me a
breakfast, so I think I really love I really enjoy to go with my father.
Okay, good. And what do you usually do after you finish school? Well basically because
I’m a student now, and I need to do a lot of work. So after my school, I need
to go to some extra classes because I need to cultivate my knowledge
because I really nearly to get my national entrance test in
Vietnam, so I need to finish and fill up all my knowledge. But if I have more
spare time, I would like to do some of the activities like dancing because I really
love to dance. Yeah. Okay, good. Thank you. Alright we’re gonna talk about
politeness now. So do you think you are a polite person? I’m not really sure
because sometimes I will like when I first met when I first meet a strange
person, a strange guy, I likely to keep a distance with him or her because I don’t know his/her personality, so I think
that is not quite impolite, but if I be with my friend,I definitely be polite like I will be a gentleman because I
like to ask her or ask him what you want to eat today or what you will do
in the future something like that, and I think I would quite polite with my
acquaintances. Okay good and why do you think it’s important to be polite?
Well basically because having a polite with another person is gaining a first
good impression with another guy. Oh when we are when we are polite with
someone else, I think it will build up more your relationship, and also we can
know more we can discover more what we we have the same interest too, I think. And to improve your relationship. Okay good. All right we’re gonna talk about
childhood now. Would you say you had a happy childhood? Yes but that was a long time ago, I didn’t remember as much.
When I was a child, I really love to go to the park with my family because my house is really near the park, Le Van Tam
Park. And every day I went with my family because I love I love watching the trees, and also I need it to practice like my health to to get a better health,
uh yeah. All right what part of your childhood do you remember most? The part of my childhood. Oh that is an interesting questio.n I would I
would tell you a story that that was happened in my home in my house. When I was five years old, I’m used to have my own bedroom, so
uh that time I was I was playing with my sister, but suddenly I have hit it I
hit my head into front of my television and that time I need to go to hospital and that’s the most
memorable movement I have to remember. Okay good thank you.
Alright so we’re moving on to the part two speaking now. In this part I’m going
to give you a topic and I’ll expect you to speak for one to two minutes about it.
Before you begin you will be have one minute to take some notes on the topic
if you’d like. The topic that I’ll be giving you is a piece of technology you
like using other than a computer.So here is the rest of the details on that
question. You have a minute to prepare. Could you begin please? Yes. I have
decided to tell you about the technology the technology rather than computer is my telephone which which is the iPhone. And the reason
I’m using it is because I because it’s really handy and it’s really convenient
for me to carry out, and I really love how to it function and I use it every
day. Often I will use with my best friend. I sometimes call my telephone is my best
friend because I think he has a lot of functions and have a lot of things I
need to discover, and moreover the reason why I really loved all these gadgets
because it’s it really flexible because mostly I use it for my education. Because this is like I can get access to some Internet, and the
Internet has a lot of tons of information that brings a lot that can
help me to grab more knowledge and cultivate my skills between the rich
ranging from the hot skills to the soft skills, so I really love how it functions.
And moreover I can use use it when I’m when I was stressed stressful because I
can use a lot of social media like Facebook or Messenger, and that that apps
can can help me to chat with my friends, gossip or with many things at school. Yeah, good. Thank you. That’ your time. All right, so I just ask you a couple more general questions
on the idea of Technology. And do you think it is possible to live without
modern technology? oh well from perspective, I think with the advancement
of technology, technology nowadays has been taken place are from another thing. And it had been the important role in our society, so people
cannot try I think people cannot live without them because they need them to
do their work. For example, people can take it to
replace of the labor of productivity like producing cars and
those technologies has improved people lives standard. Okay good. Very good.Yeah. What are the advantages and disadvantages of technology? Well, those gadgets have both good good side in the bad side.
For the goods for the advantages, I think for example like me I can get access
to Internet by the phone, so it can help me to improve my vocabulary and also my
grammar by using those gadgets inserts in the information on the Internet. And
moreover, where people can use it to replace some labor productivity as I mentioned before And for the bad sign I think some people will get addicted to
this phone because they don’t have awareness to tame themselves. So because
of that reason and result they will have a lot of health issue. Okay very good. So one more question. How do you think technology change the way that people work in the
future. Oh yeah well that’s interesting I think and
I haven’t thought it before. I suppose that technology will be take place to
the human work. As I mentioned they are usually used for labour productivity. But
nowadays with the development of AI was mean is artificial intelligence, they have a big brand with great brand and they can do a lot of
work. Also they can all do some complex like or they can do with the numbers um like yeah deal with the numbers and also they
can enhance more development in technology. So I think it will take place
in the future. Okay, great. Thank you very much. Okay so those are all my questions for you
today, Kiet. We will submit this report to Testuru to moving on to the next
stages of the competition. I wish you luck in that, and I hope you enjoy the
rest of your afternoon. Yeah thanks. Okay thank you. Have a good afternoon Yeah.