Welcome to the IELTS success speaking course. My name is Chris, the IELTS expert. Are you looking for a speaking course that will help you improve quickly and effectively? Are you stressed about the IELTS speaking
test? Do you need some motivation to help you pass? Well this course is perfect for you! Maybe you’re looking for an IELTS band 6.0, 6.5 or 7.0, maybe higher. Well this course is perfect for you because I’m going to be sharing all my tips and strategies on how to improve quickly. That’s the most important part of this course. There is so much material online nowadays that maybe you don’t know where to start. Well, this course provides it all! I am an IELTS expert and I’ve taken the test a number of times. Every time i’ve scored a band 9.0. A perfect band 9.0. I understand that the IELTS exam can seem
quite difficult that’s why I’m going to be sharing my knowledge just with you. so that you can improve your speaking results. By the end of this course, I hope you will
be a lot more confident about your IELTS speaking test so that maybe you can pass the first
time. The course itself is split into five modules
and in each module there will be three important lessons. We’ll also give you some bonus lessons in
each module! Most importantly, however, I’m going to be
sharing some model answers with you. That means you can see how a perfect answer
would look during the exam. We will be analysing it and i’ll be talking
to you about why it was a good answer. Maybe giving you some ideas on how you can
adopt that strategy too! I’m going to be sharing me ideas with you
because that’s one of the biggest problems for many students. That means you don’t need to waste any more
time than necessary to pass your test. I’m going to make this IELTS journey as fun
and as interesting as possible. I really really promise you that you will
improve if you take on board everything I say and hopefully by the end, we’ll get you
the IELTS score that you need. Are you ready to go and pass the IELTS test
with me? Come on let’s go!