hey guys hi welcome back well I hope
that you have enjoyed the task 1 which I did recently I will either link it above or in
the description box below of the writing section of IELTS this is the general
training I’m talking about not the academic I will cover the academic as
well but today we will talk about task 2 yes task 2 is the essay which is a
little bit longer and the weightages of course given more to this task you have
to complete this task in 250 words or more so be mindful of the words you use
that is the count and you will have 40 minutes to complete this so also be
mindful of the time limit my sincere advice is that if you have not been
writing for many years then please start writing just write and scribble anything
any thought anything and see what’s your writing speed that’s a very good
practice for you especially during these exams which have some set time limit for
you to answer well let’s quickly jump on to today’s
episode which is about task 2 today we will cover how to answer task 2 in the
IELTS writing section and we will also cover the questions which you had asked
yes I had put up this in the community tab and you asked me some important
questions so the top ones have been answered today and it’s a very
interesting one let’s quickly jump on to this approach alright guys so this is
the five-step approach the first one is what it looks like very very simple as I
had mentioned earlier the moment you get the question and you have under lined the
important parts of it make three quick boxes write introduction body and
conclusion and as I as I had told you earlier write the bullet points the
first one in the body at least two and the conclusion at least one and then in
those bullets you will write the pointers which will support the body
support the introduction and support the conclusion okay so this is what a box
technique is let’s move on to the next slide So as I had mentioned that in the community tab you had asked certain questions and these were the top questions which you asked especially these are the areas
where you are struggling whenever you’re attempting task 2 and
the questions were that how would you come up with weighted vocabulary or how
will you insert them in the answers which you will be providing you wanted to
know the complex sentences the structure the formation how do you use them and
how would you include them in your answers and the third one was very
important in that is how do you generate ideas yes so well let’s see how I have
used them in my answer well that’s all my friend I hope you understood how to tackle it there are
some Pointer some key takeaways which you should remember after watching this
episode and they are keep in mind the usage of grammar vocabulary punctuation
is very important and spellings the next thing which is important is to follow
the coherence of thought technique yes whatever you answered it has to be
connected to what’s been asked for and always answer what’s been asked only
please stick to the question we lost right and the last one is check your
answer always keep a buffer time at the end of 2 to 3 minutes where you can quickly read your answers check your spellings check everything which is required and
at the end give it a seal yes that you’re satisfied with it it’s that
simple don’t fret over it it’s just a writing exam my friend give this video a
like if you learn something new share with everyone who are struggling with
the task the task 2 of IELTS and comment below let me know that has this approach
helped you or not and of course if you new to this channel subscribe because
in your we do something creative to learn English you are my rock star and
you will be a champion soon so do not worry I’m here to help you bye bye see you
next time take care