Hi there! It’s Asiya and today I’ve prepared
for you synonyms for some of the most common nouns used in IELTS Writing. This video will
help you improve your Lexical Resource Score or the score for your vocabulary which
weighs 25 percent of your IELTS writing score. Learning synonyms is a great way
to show the examiner that you have a wide range of vocabulary and that you
can use less common words. And you need to show both in order to get Band 7
plus. But learning a long list of words alone is not going to do you any good
unless you know what each word means and how to use it in a sentence correctly.
That’s what I’m going to show you today and if you like this video I have
other videos about IELTS vocabulary one which contains a PDF list of synonyms for
most common adjectives used in IELTS writing. So let’s get started! many ielts essays are about people so I
want to start with some synonyms for the word people which you could use to avoid
endlessly repeating the word people like I just did so when you are talking about
people in general you can say humans you can say men kind of human kind
for example advances in science should be used for the benefit of all humankind
and please note there is no need to use an article in front of the words mankind
and humankind when we are talking about ordinary
people in society in general you can say the public for instance the
national parks should be open to the public and if you are talking about
people in general you can also say society racism exists at all levels of
society when you’re talking about young people you can say teenagers a teenager
is someone between 13 and 19 years old among all age groups teenagers are the
most physically active you can also say adolescence and adolescent is someone
who isn’t a child anymore but is not an adult yet it’s quite formal signs of
malnutrition on the increase especially among children and adolescents you can
also say youth to mean all young people as a group for instance an increase in
youth unemployment another word which means young people is youngsters but you
shouldn’t use it in ads writing because it’s way too informal
and now the you can use these adults these are
people over the age of 18 and if you’re talking about people between about 45 60
you can say middle-aged people or perhaps you’re giving a child with
different age groups then when you’re referring to people between 40 and 60
you can say middle-aged people and if you’re talking about older people you
can say senior citizens the government seems to be moving away from the pension
for senior citizens you can also say of the elderly and increased number of
elderly people would like to remain in their own homes let’s talk about
children a synonym is kids but again this word is informal so don’t use other
word kids in math writing unless you’re writing an informal letter to friend in
IELTS general task one so kids is informal but if you’re talking about
someone’s children you can say offspring and this word means someone’s child or
someone’s children so don’t you don’t add an S at the end but the problems
parents have raising their offspring you can say a sibling that’s a formal word
elder siblings or close relationship between siblings
another thing we write about all the time are advantages and disadvantages
luckily there are a number of synonyms you can use instead when you are talking
about advantages you can say benefits this approach offers a number of
benefits you can also say pros it’s always plural in balance the
pros outweigh the cons you can say merits merit is a good feature point and
the relative merits of both approaches have to be considered you can also say a
strength and know the strength of this proposal is and so on how many are
talking about disadvantages you could say cons which is always plural the pros
and cons you can see a weakness these strengths and weaknesses of something
and you can say it drawback the main drawback of the technology is and so on
all of the benefits and drawbacks so to summarize you can say advantages
and disadvantages pros and cons benefits and drawbacks of strengths and
weaknesses when you’re talking about a bad result
you can say a consequence a consequence is a result of something one consequence
of changes in diet over recent years has been a dramatic increase in cases of
childhood obesity you can also use other word or a percussion an indirect and
usually bad result this policy is likely to have far-reaching repercussions for
young people if you’re talking about a job so a job is work for which you
receive regular payments you can talk about a profession that’s a type of work
which requires special training for example in order to enter the medical
profession one is required to have over eight years of training you can also
talk about an occupation that’s a job or profession many young people struggle to
choose an occupation when you’re talking about a lot of something it’s better not
to write a lot of in your life essay because of its phrases informal you
could say a number of but also you can say amounted you’d off its formal
obesity causes a multitude of medical conditions you can also say a plethora
of that if you have loads of something and more than you need travelers can
choose from a plethora of different lodging options so did you like my
synonyms please tell me what you think about this video in comments below
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repeating words without learning new words from that video you can ask
and PDF list of synonyms for 20 most common adjectives used in males writing
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