Hey Guys! Thank you for giving RU buZZing so much of love and appreciation Recently something nice has happened Based on a lot of comments we received where a lot of students sought help in How do we prepare for Campus Placements? Or how do we prepare for MBA Personal Interviews? So we are really happy & proud to announce our partnership with a company called as ConduiraOnline ConduiraOnline is a online digital learning platform that offers end to end learning solutions to students Hi Avinash! That’s a nice name Where do you live? Sir I am put up at Narela in Delhi It’s near Sonipat Alright! Ya so Avinash, your graduation seems to be quite unique I mean we usually interview B.Tech. guys Tell us something about your course And what have you done for the last 3 years? So sir, it’s basically the same course but with less credits & less practicals So I have studied Communications and basic electronics Electronics! So tell me the difference between Electronics & Electricals with different voltage specification. Sir, Electronics consists of basic components like resistors, transistors & LEDs And they operate around the voltage of 5 to 14 and Electricals are more intricate like they consist of electronic circuits and they are appliances such as Refrigerators, Televisions, Air Conditioning They operate at a Voltage around 220 Volts which is the same as distribution line. Ok Avinash, Can you tell me the working of a CE Amplifier? Yes Sir! May I? Ya, Sure Sir, in Common Emitter Amplifier Bipolar Junction Transistor is used for Voltage Amplification Sir input is taken from base And output is collected through collector with emitter common in both junctions The output is amplified due to collector current IC flowing through load resistance R Ya, so how different it is from the power amplifier? Sir Voltage amplifier is used for small signals where as the Power Amplifier is used for large signals Avinash you have scored 75/75 in digital communication Can you explain me the you know, basic communication process with block diagrams Yes Sir So Sir, the diagram can be divided into five parts First the signal is fed into transducer which will convert the signal into electrical form and amplify it If your are talking about digital communication So then at this point the signal will also be encoded Then the signal is sent to the transmitter And it is transmitted via one of the different modulation methods Either via wire or by air The information is received by the receiver And the signal is then demodulated, decoded And further amplified for better understanding Ok Avinash, enough of bookish knowledge Tell me something latest in the field of electronics Sir, New semiconducting materials No, there is still research going on in Stanford on that Something more interesting? Optical Computers? No, don’t you read the digit magazine? No Sir, I am not aware of that Leave that. Can you convert 216 into a Hexadecimal form? Sir, D8 Alright! Okay, enough of academics Tell me something about AAP. Sir, Aam Aadmi Party is doing some good things in their rule I, Specifically, would like to talk about the education sector In the past three years, they have built over 1400 classrooms in various schools They have also increased the cleanliness and the discipline of the staff members which I appreciate a lot, by them Also I would like to talk about the health sector They have built multiple new Mohalla Clinics in the slum areas Also the electricity bill of Delhi is currently the lowest among all Indian States So then why is everyone making such a big deal in the country? Sir, there are 3 main reasons for this Firstly, the media is very biased against the Aam Aadmi Party Secondly, I would like to say that Mr. Kejriwal has made a few promises That are unlikely to be kept in the next 5-7 years And Thirdly I think that Mr. Kejriwal’s Party members, the Aam Aadmi Party members are not too happy with Mr. Kejriwal’s Self-righteousness. Recently a foreign dignitary had come to India Mr. Justin Trudeau Correct Mr. Modi did not receive him personally, which was unusual Any reasons for that? Sir actually he is backing Sikh separatists in India & Canada These are the people responsible for the Khalistan movement That have caused the bombings in 1984 The BJP can’t make a bad impression by inviting such an individual even though they are the Prime Minister of Canada Avinash! I was just seeing you in the lobby reading a green coloured, you know, covered book Can you tell me something more about it? Yes Sir, that was Indian Unbound by Gurucharan Das I have met this author Gurucharan He seemed a bit Pro-American Oh! Ya, I mean, The name combination is also quite interesting Guru & Charan Ya, ya. So tell me something more about the book So according to the book the Britishers didn’t rob us We were robbed by industrialism. Okay, so I believe One day, you will go to London And there is a museum over there You must visit that You will find something that they robbed us of He is just talking about what is written in the book Ya You know So what else do you read? Sir in the past 6-7 months I have read around 30 books There is Argumentative Indian, Then I have read Agatha Christie’s few books And then I have read 1984 Okay Avinash, this is the last question from us What you think of people who are stuck in jobs they don’t like Usually they feel they are exploited And It’s the only option left in their lives Sir I believe that there is no such thing as an “only option” I believe that everybody has an option to do whatever they feel like they want to do in life If I find myself in a situation where I am not comfortable Then I won’t proceed I will find a new way And I believe that this can only be done with hard work We are done, would you like to ask us something? No Sir, I just like to thank you both Sir for being so friendly & accepting in this interview Okay Care for some Chocolate? Thank you Sir Take 1 more Thank you Sir Take for your brother also Thank you Sir Before we tell you whether the candidate is selected Or rejected for that IIM Interview ConduiraOnline has a YouTube Channel Where they make fresh content every week on various things They have On Campus & Off Campus Drives, videos based on them HR & Technical Interview Tips Programming concepts in C & Java Quantitative Aptitude & Verbal Ability concepts And a lot more So just head on to their YouTube Channel And hit Subscribe for them Selected