So I’m Mike Mercado and my major is Health Administration, and I’m a senior right now at Xavier.
Dorothy Day immersions as to the CSJ Center, Faith in Justice here at Xavier. But before that, I generally understand it impacts everything. In the classroom, it’s all mostly conceptual. So you understand some of the impacts that things have in health care, like racism in the workplace or even in health care and disparities. Your zip code can prove your health and everything. I understood that from a conceptual perspective but with immersive learning you should go to the frontlines, but you go where it is happening and how it impacts people and everyday people like myself. I can see and feel what these people are going through that impacts me a lot and making my career decisions even like an everyday decision in a hospital. On top of that, it’s also allowed me to kind of change and tweak what I want to learn in school. So, for example, I switched my concentrations to population health instead of information systems within health administration. So that’s really a whole of you on the population and what exactly is impacting their health will be for the better or worse. So it’s really, really humbled me in terms of what I have so far and what I can do with my education. It’s allowed me to see that there are systems in place not only here in the country, but elsewhere in the world that really impact a lot of different people in a negative way. But with these trips, I really learn that, I mean, a church or any other coalition or any other type of house that can be a rock for a community. So with that, a more of a business component of it. We’re always taught you can do with the business side of it so what I struggle with really is granted for a hospital to stay afloat, get to have some services and like obviously that sometimes might mean you over test the patient when you only need to be over tested or you’ll utilize some services that might not be the right way to make your money at all. And it isn’t. So it’s kind of a struggle. Some understanding of social justice issues has in some ways impacted my behaviors and what I’ve done not only on campus, but in my life. So because of the Immersive learning experience, I am more empowered as an individual, not only here in Cincinnati, as a student Xavier, but back in Chicago where I’m from. So just as a kid, 21 year old kid was born in Chicago, more empowered to do things not only in the classroom, but hopefully as a professional wherever I may end up.