Hi, my name is Ramana. I’m from Singapore and I’m studying Aeronautics and I’m in my third year right now. Well first of all, I had a really specific interest that I wanted to study Aeronautics. I was really interested by how planes fly and in spacecraft growing up as a child. As I was doing my A-Levels and looking into universities where I could possibly study I realised that Imperial had one of the best technological environments, great facilities and excellent lecturers compared to other universities I was looking for. That was one of the main reasons that made me choose Imperial. Aeronautics is a very interesting course and I would say it would probably be the toughest course at Imperial. But others may choose to defer. I say that it’s really interesting because we have lots of hands on experiences not just lecture based teaching. It’s always amazingly new concepts that we’re taught. For example, earlier this year, we managed to go on a field trip where a few of us were sat in a plane which was like a flying laboratory and we go up over Cranfield and do multiple G turns, rolls and things like that. It’s very exciting to see how, what you learn in the classroom can be applied outside in the real industrial world. For my specific case, as an international student applying to Aeronautics I was given an online assessment where I had to write an essay write a short introduction about myself and this was all really easy. There wasn’t anything difficult about it, just had to email someone from the department and after a couple of weeks, it was fine. So I’m an international student , so I’m from Singapore. Obviously, UK is miles and miles away from Singapore so that was one of my main concerns when I was first moving in that I’ll be so far away from all my friends, family, my relatives. I was a bit concerned about how I would get to fit in with my other fellow classmates, what they would be like, what the student environment would be like. After the first couple of weeks, everyone here, from lecturers to seniors to people at halls. they were all really welcoming. So I think that made a huge impact in determining how I would approach life here at Imperial. It is definitely impacted in a positive manner. The way I look I see it is that, everytime I’m walking from one lecture to another or when I’m arriving on campus you just see so many people who are not necessarily British or Home students. It’s really amazing because there are people from all sorts of different countries. Which just makes you feel part of the whole student body. For example, when I was in my first year I stayed with people from Denmark, from Zimbabwe and from Mauritius. Obviously I had other European friends aswell and you don’t actually feel like you are apart from them. You all feel that you’re just one huge group of friends, so that’s amazing. I try to budget as much as possible, so wherever possible, I try to pack meals from home instead of having to buy food from outside. If there is some way I can reduce my transport costs, for example, if there is a place I need to go to which is near I tend to walk there or take the bus or cycle instead of having to take the tube all the time. I try to manage my funds to the best way possible. London is probably the most happening place in the world. There is all sorts of stuff for students to do places to eat, places to hang out during the weekend or Friday nights. There are many different activities to do all the time it’s really wonderful and I’m really loving it.