♪ (music) ♪ The US healthcare system is complex
and expensive. There is no universal access or
national healthcare in the US and the cost of individual medical care
is very expensive when compared to other countries.
When you seek medical care, the provider will expect payment
from you or your insurance company.>>UT requires that all international
students enrolled at UT in a Visa status of F or J carry health insurance.
>>For this reason, enrollment in the UT Student Health Insurance plan
through Blue Cross, Blue Shield is automatic at the time of registration
and the cost of the policy is included in the student’s tuition and fee bill.
Blue Cross, Blue Shield of Texas is the provider of both the student and staff
insurance plans at UT.>>You will receive an insurance card
after enrollment. We recommend that you carry it with you
at all times.>>You can log on to your BCBS account
online to search for doctors, request a new insurance card, and more.
You may contact an insurance advisor if you need a temporary card before your
permanent card arrives.>>While your insurance plan will cover
a majority of expenses, you should still expect to pay part of
your medical care.>>There will be co-pays, co-insurance,
deductibles or some combination. Read your insurance plan brochure for more
information about your plan’s benefits.>>So what happens if you do get sick
or injured?>>Try to seek the right care
at the right time.>>For preventative, general doctor
visits, and conditions that are not urgent,>>you may go to UHS or your primary care
provider. UHS services include primary medical care,
women’s health services, physical therapy, vaccinations, laboratories and x-rays
for students and UHS enrolled scholars. Generally visits are by appointment only.
The cost of most services is covered if you have the UT student health
insurance plan. Open 8 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Friday,
UHS is located at 100 West Dean Keaton. Make an appointment by visiting their
website at healthhorns.edu>>For urgent conditions or injuries
that can be treated outside of a hospital but require prompt attention,
visit the University Health Center or an urgent care clinic.
>>UHS Urgent Care is open 8 AM to 5:30 PM Monday through Friday, and 11 AM to 3 PM
on Saturdays. For emergency services or potentially life
threatening emergencies, go to a hospital emergency room.
>>Call 911 if you need to be transported quickly…
>>Or you are unable to safely move.>>Pharmacies, also referred to as
drugstores, act as dispensaries where medications are stored.
>>You may acquire your prescribed medications here.
>>There’s a pharmacy located inside the student services building.
When seeking care, don’t forget to keep your insurance card with you at all times
and present your card to your medical provider at each visit.
Remember, insurance doesn’t pay for everything at most locations.
>>If you go to a doctor somewhere other than UHS, it’s likely you will
be responsible for a portion of your bill.>>For advice about whether or not you
need care, where to go, or how to care for yourself at home, you may call the
nurse advice line, staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for students and UHS
enrolled scholars. For more information visit our website
or send us an email.