Hello, my name is Sara Parrott I’m a life coach and coordinator of international student success for immigration support here at Maryville if you are a citizen of another country Coming to the United States for the purpose of getting your degree at Maryville You most likely have been granted F1 status, and I considered an international student Here at Maryville. We love our international students and are honored that you have chosen to pursue your degree abroad with us as you enter a new country with any Visa type there are certain benefits and Restrictions and the previous video I discussed the four major Rules international students to keep in mind while studying in the United States In this video. I’ll share with you some of the benefits of your F1 status first and foremost as an international student you can remain confident that you have legal status in the United States as Long as you maintain your immigration requirements ask me or another DSL for advice or assistance before taking action? You can have peace of mind throughout your time in the United States This means you can freely travel throughout the us with no additional paperwork so visit Chicago for the weekend or go to Orlando on spring break be safe have fun and Just remember to come back to St.. Louis to continue your coursework You can even travel abroad during the summer or winter break? Just come see me about one to two weeks before you travel so that I can sign your I-20 for re-entry into the United States also Make sure you check your expiration date on your f1 Visa to make sure you can safely return to the us to resume your education Legal status in the United States also means you’re eligible for a driver’s license or state Id Although St. Louis has a metro and bus system many students find it easier to operate within the us if they have the ability to drive a car Once you join us for orientation and complete sivas check in will give you a letter that verifies your status Take this letter along with you other documents to the department of revenue to first take a written test Than a driving test once you pass both of these you will have full permission to drive within the United States This process can feel complicated so we will make another for you to understand the process for earning your driver’s license in Missouri One final benefit assess one status I’d like to share with you is the opportunity to invite your family to visit you if you have a spouse or children under 21 You can support them to apply for an S2 dependent Visa. So that they can join you for the duration of your F1 status? Even if you do not have a spouse or children yet You may also want to encourage your friends and family to apply for B1 B2 visitor Visa to join you for special occasions or make a temporary visit to the us for up to six months? Along with these immigration benefits we also just want you to know that you are a valued part of the Maryville community We are here to help you feel comfortable in this new country Participate in the classroom clubs and organizations and any other Maryville activity just like any other student your student first and then an international student and Most importantly know that you can always talk with me if you have any questions about your immigration status or about being an Maryville International student welcome