Kia Ora! New Zealand is a big part of me, and I feel like I’m a part of the New Zealand family now, like the aroha and everything around me. Because of my volunteering, it’s helped me to get an internship. I’m very grateful for what New Zealand and Wellington brings to me. Our clients are all over the world, and some of them are from China, and sometimes I become the interpreter to help them communicate with our senior developers. Sort of, I become the bridge between China and New Zealand, and the whole blockchain area, so I’m very happy with that. When I went back to China my teacher said, “oh you have like a Kiwi accent”. Yeah, I think accent and the friends I met. We exchange knowledge, we exchange experiences, that definitely helped. At first I was worried that the Kiwis might not understand my English because it’s my second language, so I challenged myself to be involved more – you know like, mix around with my classmates in uni, and be more involved in volunteering, and take up leadership roles. From my experience here, I think there’s a lot of knowledge or systems that I can bring to Malaysia that can grow the economy even bigger for Malaysia. I like Māori culture as well, it’s helped me understand and appreciate tradition. New Zealand is definitely a part of me now.