Investment in Winnipeg is growing and
the economy is thriving. New job opportunities are being created and they
deserve the best talent possible. But businesses across the city and across every sector are struggling to find skilled workers. Winnipeg has a shortage of talent and it threatens to bring our momentum to a halt. But we have a plan. We are YES Winnipeg!, a business development team created by the private sector and
we’re bringing business, industry players and government to the table to launch a
new initiative: Winnipeg Talent Hub is a multi-year talent attraction and
retention strategy. We’re assembling a team of experts to support companies, partners and potential investors. We’re creating a menu of channels to connect companies to talent and bringing all resources under one roof. We’re leading
international recruitment missions in targeted markets and creating campaigns
to attract Manitobans back home. We know we can’t do it alone. That’s why we’re building a partnership that will bring industry, education and government to the table. Together, we can build Winnipeg’s economy. We can keep the momentum going. Winnipeg Talent Hub. Lead by YES! Winnipeg. Growing your business here.