My name is Arick Davis. I’m a senior
studying Electrical Engineering. I did my study abroad in Portugal. I did it
through the EPS program which is European project semester at ESF in
porto. In Michigan Tech we do our senior design project and I really wanted an
opportunity to learn more about other cultures specifically like how they do
engineering and kind of get an understanding of that process. So I chose
Portugal because i felt like it would give me an opportunity to do
that and i would also have the opportunity to meet a lot of different
people. And I figured it would be fun and it was warm. Like I went there in February so…
I went from here to the beach. (laughter) To me it was nice to be able to work in different
teams and very like diapers teams. Like there was 26 people in my class and we
were all from different countries and I was only one from the US. And when I did
come back to the US and I was applying for internships. I think it really helped.
When I was in interviews, they ask you like about leadership experience
and I think it was really beneficial for me that I had that
experience dealing with people from different cultures and also working on a
project and building a successful project. So I think that was
something that was like.. it was unique for me that I had the ability to work
with such like a diverse group.