Hi! I love Stockholm University particularly because the school is so well-known internationally. I have always wanted to move here I have always been inspired by the society in Sweden and how the government works. That’s always been attractive to me. And then I looked up the best schools in Sweden and Stockholm University was it. And so through my school I asked them if I could do the exchange programme. And they said okay. And I’m here. I chose Stockholm University because of the city. I really like it and it’s supposed to be a really good university. And I also like the nature in Sweden. I am very excited to get started. It feels like a dream come true. [laughs] I have always wanted to study at a university that is reputable, like Stockholm University. I was like wow! So it does feel like a dream come true. So I have studied communication science before So now I am studying political science. Because I feel there’s a connection between the two But also because I want to take my academic knowledge to another level. I also want to be involved at a political level back home in my country. So that is my aspiration. I have never been to Sweden before I have never been to Scandinavia or Europe. I have never seen snow before. So this is quite different for me. I am still getting used to the weather. But so far it has been really good. Everyone’s been super helpful. I am starting tomorrow. So fingers crossed that it will go well.