I’ve been at Iowa State University for the
full semester and I got to experience the American campus life as we see in the movies. The people are all so kind. There were really kind to us. I spent six months at Iowa State University. I was surprised by many things, like the sports. I think in Iowa and in general in the U.S.,
students are motivated to practice sports because on the campus there are many gyms,
amazing gyms. And also competitions such as intramurals. For example I participated in intramural broomball with other mates and we won it, so that was fun. I had the unique opportunity to show some
of the foreign exchange students around Ames, Iowa and Iowa State University. It was a lot of fun. I know that they’re coming from different
cultures and different backgrounds and different places all around Europe or wherever they’re
from. It’s not that big of a place. People there are going to be friendly. You can ask questions. It’s not going to be that hard to actually
get used to Ames, Iowa and Iowa State University in general. At Iowa State, the schedule of the classes
is really different from here in Torino because we have class all day here, while at Iowa
State we had just two or three hours of classes, then we had time to study and to do our assignments. There were also lots of gyms where we could
go for free. I really appreciated it because I like going
to the gym and I think it’s a good way to relax and to do better with our exams and
our classes. I can suggest to you guys to go to Iowa State
if you want to experience a semester abroad, a new life. You can finally taste the real American food
and see all of the cities, the big cities that for now you can just admire in the pictures. If you’re not from the United States you should
go to do this experience abroad. Iowa is a good place because you can experience
the real America. The Midwest America. The coolest thing is there’s so many opportunities
that you may not know about until you get over there. There’s different sports that you can join,
so many different clubs you can look at and try to join even if you’re only there for
one semester. There are a lot of different things you can
do that make it a l ot of fun. There’s class work you can do and studying
for classes and work had with that and get a great education while you’re over there
but there’s also so many different fun things you can do and experience in Ames if you decide
to come over. Go Cyclones and I hope you guys show up, decide
to come on over.