I think the MBA presents a
really good opportunity to not only progress in your career but get
those industry required skill sets. The world is changing now and the kind
of information particularly in local authorities, that is required for working
on the team providing good projects, it’s really essential that you actually get
the kind of information that’s provided by UCEM and the course content, and that’s
the reason why I came onto the course. I think it’s been flexible, and we’ve
been able to do it in our own time, we’ve had a day off a week from our
company that have given us that, we can either do it on that day, or we can be
flexible and do it in our own time, and choose when we want to do that. Definitely challenging but it’s
definitely been worthwhile and like you said it’s definitely the flexibility of
doing the degree with UCEM as well, so you can pick the day that is best suiting your
schedule. The fact that I just wanted to speak to new
people, see who’s actually studying similar things to myself, interact with
other people that may be doing the same modules as myself, and actually
getting some help with further completing my