>>Indiana University
is a leader in addressing difficult
cybersecurity challenges. Home to multiple organizations
and initiatives devoted to the safety and security
of research and information, IU has the knowledge and
experience to keep data safe in an increasingly
perilous cyberworld. Our cybersecurity roster
includes the Global Network Operations Center, or GlobalNOC,
which designs, monitors, and protects some of the world’s
largest and fastest research and education networks. OmniSOC, or Omni Security
Operations Center, a first of its kind,
24/7/365 cybersecurity center for higher education,
devoted to reducing the time between threat awareness
and threat mitigation. REN-ISAC, The Research and Education Networks
Information Sharing and Analysis Center, which
shares security information and best practices with more than 620 college
and universities. ResearchSOC, which addresses the
unique cybersecurity concerns of the research community and keeps the nation’s greatest
scientific endeavors safe. The National Science
Foundation Cybersecurity Center of Excellence, or Trusted
CI, which helps protect more than $7 billion of
NSF-funded research projects. And the Center for Applied
Cybersecurity Research, or CACR, which identifies and addresses
difficult problems facing public and private communities. Together, with the Naval Surface
Warfare Center, Crane Division, CACR also works to develop
cybersecurity solutions for difficult environments through the Principals-based
Assessment for Cybersecurity
Toolkit, or PACT. IU is a leader in cybersecurity
academic programs, as well. Three of IU’s top-ranked
schools — the Kelley School of Business,
the Maurer School of Law, and the Luddy School of
Informatics, Computing, and Engineering — now
offer cybersecurity degrees and certificates. IU also offers an
interdisciplinary MS program in cybersecurity
risk management. Security and Privacy in
Informatics, Computing, and Engineering, or SPICE,
works to design better systems that balance security,
privacy, and usability. And the Ostrom Workshop’s
Program on Cybersecurity and Internet Governance
uses a multidisciplinary, multisector method to
develop sustainable models of internet governance and
an equitable cyber peace. At Indiana University,
we work to safeguard some of the nation’s greatest
assets, research, and intellectual capitol and
educate others to do the same. [ Music ]