I found actually studying here at Derby
and juggling my sporting career fairly easy. I think that was mainly down to the
support and guidance and help I’ve got from the likes of Donna Kellogg and
Derby sports team, they for me were the ones that were the kind of go-between
between the lecturers and the deadlines and everything that I had to juggle and I
think one piece of advice that would give anyone that was trying to juggle
the two things would be communication. I think it’s just having that conversation
whether it be with your lecturer or with members of the sports team just be
open and honest and if you need any help then just ask. So the pinnacle of
my sporting career was definitely the Olympic Games for me that was a dream of
mine since I was a very small child, it’s the pinnacle of anyone sporting career
it’s a biggest stage in the world and to be you know just have the honour to go
and put on that Team GB vest was, you know, all my dreams come true as a
kid so without a doubt that was the best achievement of mine.