hello friend buddy pal today’s kind of more of a sit-down an update kind of video I know that a lot of people have been wondering how it’s been for me so if you don’t know a few months ago I posted a video titled I got into a Japanese fashion college how I did it and things like that and this is kind of a follow up because now it’s been like three months of me actually being at the college so that video was posted before I got into the college and it discussed things like how I got in what the entrance guidelines were how much it cost things like that so if that’s something you’re interested in then go check out that video because I’m not gonna be touching on it in this video because it’s not relevant anymore but yes so I have now been at my Japanese fashion college for do we count some holidays if we count some holidays I think it’s been four months but if we don’t count some holidays I think it’s in three months April May June July August it’s been about four months so I’ve completed basically the first semester which is kind of crazy like I’m so surprised by how quickly that went by it’s already been the first semester that’s insane so yeah fashion college it’s been let’s just say intense I did ask you guys on Instagram like what questions you had and things like that because I wanted to know like what’s interesting to the people watching a lot of people were wondering what I made and I’m gonna show you that to begin with so basically for the duration of April what we did was we were learning everything from scratch we were learning different kinds of hand-sewing we were learning like how to thread the needle through the machine by the way I don’t know the name of anything in English I learn everything in Japanese so I literally don’t know what anything anything is called in English so I am sorry if I end up saying things weird just because I don’t really know how I would say them in English but yeah so we spent the first of April just going through the absolute basics and getting them down also every time you start a new project we do this thing called the bunny and what that means is like pot sowing like you’re sowing a specific part so for example when we started doing blouses we got like a tiny little color just so that we could like have this little thing to practice maybe I’ll show you as you can see here is this little color which I used to practice things like how do you actually make the color so that I can learn how to attach the collar and so that I could practice like putting on buttons and buttonholes which I did a really by up with so as you can see I did definitely meets your practice during buttonholes also the teacher does tutorials for like everything not it’s tutorials like even the word for it in real life if you show someone how to do something in real life it’s a tutorial so for example when we were attaching the belt on our gather skirts or the fasteners or whatever she would show us how it’s done like we would all gather around a big table and she would just show us that’s pretty much the basics of how we learn as far as what I made the first thing I made is this skirt it’s a really really simple gather skirt and I chose this really really cute floral pattern it’s got a belt attached I believe this is three centimeters it’s got a little fastener and it’s got a zipper this is the first thing I have ever sewn I’m quite happy with it it’s definitely not perfect like there’s a lot that definitely could have been better but as far as things go I’m really happy with it yeah well considering it’s the first thing I’ve ever made you know because a lot of people are asking like did I have any knowledge of sewing before this I had literally none I literally started from zero I couldn’t do anything anything at all then the second thing I made is this blouse which is obviously a little bit more complicated than the scarf it’s still not quite that but with the blouse I had a bit more fun being able to design and how I wanted to the chef’s the people are making were also different like some people wanted to have long sleeves for example some people wanted to have different kinds of colors there’s all different kinds of colors as you know you can choose like your button size and things like that so I chose something that’s like a nice lilac purple color and I decided to use a white collar color color see that gets tough I also decided to attach lace which I thought was so much fun I think I’m definitely gonna be attaching lace to a lot of different things and I decided to put a little elastic band inside the sleeves to give it that like fluffy sleeves effect but yeah so there’s other things that I’ve made so far and then over summer holidays but you also have a free project so I’m going to do it so I’m going to do a purse tell yellow corrupt sailor color blouse I’m definitely not done with it yet so I don’t really feel like I want to show it to people but yeah that’s one over the summer break and then also what we’re working on is we’re working on it started like the force on the break and now it’s like continuing after summer break and that is working with wool so I’m making a semi tight skirt and then also I got loads of the same fabric so but then I can use the same fabric on the next project which is jackets so then I can do like a little semi tight skirt and blazer combo with the same fabric I’m very excited for that that’s going to be so much fun so I definitely can’t wait to show you guys those things I’m really excited about the projects I’m doing right now but yeah because I’m definitely still an absolute beginner my focus is more so on getting the hang of it more than making like the best thing or the cutest thing although the free project I definitely feel like is something that I would genuinely PHY so I’m really excited about that can’t wait sure you guys we’re gonna find some of your questions I’ve got quite a lot of questions some people are asking me if I’ve ever faced racism I would definitely say I have not faced any racism my classmates are also lovely you’ve already seen them in some of my videos like they all completely accept me none of them I mean to me I have no problem at all in my class I am the only non East Asian student in my class does Indonesia count as East Asia Indonesia is Southeast Asia perfect basically I’m the only person here was born and raised in Europe which is quite interesting other than the one Indonesian girl everyone else are from countries like South Korea Taiwan China things like that so they’re from countries that kind of have a bit of history with Japan so I feel like for them the language isn’t as difficult to learn definitely difficult still but not as difficult so I feel like as far as language goes me and the Indonesian girl definitely have a most of her codes the Indonesian girl also speaks English which is great there’s also one Chinese guy who studied in an international school of some things so now he speaks really good English as well but other than those three people like me the Indonesian girl the Chinese dude no one speaks any English no one no one the teachers don’t speak English and know exactly which is really fun but at the end of the day my brain is so tired especially because I’m having to learn everything in Japanese yes a lot of people are asking like is everything in Japanese everything is Japanese everything really difficult so I have definitely jumped into the deep and I’m hoping it’s gonna get easier as time goes on but we’ll see but yeah I’m having a lot of fun and some people asking like how I’m making friends so easily I genuinely just think I have a really nice class I got really lucky with my class everyone there is really nice I literally have no beef with anyone like it’s such a choked up it also helps that it is quite a big class it’s like 52 students or something like that it’s a really really big class so it’s like you’re bound to get along with someone but I would genuinely like go out there and say like I get along with everyone the teachers in Japan I find a little bit more strict I think that the teaching methods are quite different I do really like my teacher though I think she’s really nice and she’s really good sometimes she’s strict she scares me sometimes fishy is really nice a lot of people asking about the subjects I take so for the most part we have focus or which is like clothes so in those time slots we basically just work on making our clothes and on sewing and those kinds of thing then we also learn design as in like colors and saturation and hues and things like that we learn fashion history so we’ve literally like started like all the way back in Mesopotamia which is where my ancestors are from and then they kind of just go through to like the Greeks and the Romans are like what they wore right now I think we’re on the Rococo era of France and that’s all the Japanese so that’s very difficult then we also have drawing like a design design festa we’ll have to draw a model so they can roll how to draw the clothes we have to like painted and everything and our homework for summer for that plus what’s the draw ten pages that’s a lot so we have to do like 10 full drawings and paint them and stuff and we have to like focus on like one’s gonna be on denim one’s gonna be your leather and things like that I’m not good at drawing and really not gonna join but I will say that though drawing class is definitely helping me a lot like just like thinking about like anatomy and stuff like in general my drawing has improved so much so quickly it’s not great but it’s definitely definitely improved I don’t want to show you guys because it’s not good if you hear noise it’s because he doe cuz it just came so he’s just laying down anyway back to your questions oh yeah I was talking about the subjects I take the most difficult one by far is the one called societal and it’s like the study of textiles it’s so difficult because there’s so much that goes into it like there’s a lot like different kinds of like acids for dyeing fabrics and this and that like honestly like I’m saying rubbish because I don’t fully understand it but my point is there’s so many different words that I don’t even know in English that they then give to me not only in Japanese but fully with like kanji and everything I’m just there like uh-huh so that’s definitely the most difficult one and that was the most difficult exam I don’t think I did very well and because I’m sorry exams go because a lot of people asking about like what the exams are like a lot of the things are coursework based for example finishing your work handing in work making things things like that but then there are also written exams and the written exam for making clothes is honestly not that bad because fact like half of the points were making the pattern for a shirt which now we’ve done it so many times so that was not really like a problem at all for me it wasn’t impossible is what I’m saying so I passed that one it was fine it’s not that bad um I definitely freaked myself out over it a lot in the more worried about the ones in December because I feel like they’re gonna be more intense because there’s gonna be so much more that we’ve learned yeah the exams are also completely in Japanese everything’s in Japanese people keep asking me like is this in Japanese is this some Japanese everything is in Japanese most of the questions were just about the environment and what it’s like and things like that and the environment is really like fast-paced it’s really crazy so while I’m at college it’s hard for me to do anything but focus on college so even when I go home I’ll be working late at night on my things but because it’s something that I really enjoy doing it’s honestly not that bad like if I hated it if it was a class that I picked just because like my parents wanted me to know parents want their kids to go into fashion that bad but like my point is if it wasn’t something that I was really passionate about I definitely would hate it but because it’s something that I’m really really into it’s really not that bad the class atmosphere like I don’t feel like an outsider at all I genuinely fully feel like a part of the class cuz I know that as a foreigner you do stand out but I genuinely just don’t think my classmates treat me very differently at they are very nice sometimes they’re interested in my culture like when my friends went with me to Ikea yep that’s my culture but yeah I’m having a grand old time more than anything this was an update video I’m definitely gonna make another update video like once I’ve done the December exams and things like that so if you have more questions leave them down below I’ll be very much interested in hearing what you guys are interested in but yeah just to summarize having a good time everything’s great yeah don’t forget to hit like and subscribe thank you bye [Music]