Want to become a leader? Here’s how. My name is Chris. My name is Fernando. My name is Philip. My name is Kiana. Hi my name is Jezyle Deo Diez. My name is Ashelyn Lutrick. My name is Annika Daphne Bilog. Leadership means having the ability to
empower others. Leadership is almost like being a role model or being able to serve in a way where you set an example. Leadership is being able to create a
change and being able to foster innovation. Leadership means just putting forth your best foot and honestly supporting the people around you and lifting them up — as well as lifting yourself up — through the whole process. The SDSU leadership minor seeks to develop emotionally intelligent transformational leaders capable of elevating themselves and others to high levels of performance, purpose and collaboration. I found all the personal development skills and all the leadership skills that I’ve learned
through this minor very invigorating, very enlightening. With a lot of my kinesiology classes it was more, you know, sit in a large lecture memorize facts
and just regurgitate them on tests and with this experience in these classes
I’m able to be able to have discussions with people. There’s smaller class sizes and we get to talk about meaningful things that are going on in society now. And I’m learning skills on how to better work with people. The minor requires the completion of 15 units of both required and elective courses, exponential
opportunities and a capstone class. The most valuable experiences that I’ve had with the leadership minor is getting the soft skills that you often don’t learn in class. Because of the course of being so small and built in a way where we have those intimate relationships and cultivating those types of conversations, it’s really changed my perspective on how to see and view my
professors. The faculty and staff here are just so phenomenal. I will be able to use the skills and tools I’ve learned to continue to support students
at a higher level and at the college level. I plan on going into grad school for student affairs and I hope to inspire other students through all the
leadership knowledge that I’ve gained in the leadership minor. Being in the leadership minor has really shown me that not only can I provide leadership
within the hospital system but this means that I can continue my education get my doctorate degree and study using my leadership experience here. So i found that i want to be in education especially with post-secondary education and from what I’ve been able to learn … a lot of the advising that I’ve been able to learn how to find resources, how to study
abroad or even if it’s just connecting with a friend or a seasoned friend. I
want to be able to share that with other students who have identified like me. I think I’ll use pretty much all of it because I’ll actually be going to the
masters program in student affairs here at San Diego State and being able to
really give back the opportunity and help the next generation of leaders. Become a leader.