Good morning everybody my name is Juan
Jose Amaya I’m a sophomore in the college studying art history.
It is currently 6:35 in the morning, the sun has not come out yet, but it’s an
early start to my day and it’s an exciting day ahead of me so I can’t wait
to show you what it’s like to be a Columbia student. My mornings don’t usually start this
early just so you know, but I have to come to work a little bit
early today I’m a consultant for JUV consulting which is a marketing and
branding strategy firm, all about Gen Z and teaching companies, you know, about
our generation and how to do things right, and I’m actually here with some consultants
Hi guys and we’re gonna be giving a special presentation later on today, so
stay tuned for that. I’m here with some friends you want to
introduce yourself say hi?
Bridget – Hi my name is Bridget, I’m a senior at Barnard. I’m an
Urban Studies major and my favorite thing about Columbia is how talented
each of my peers are, and how we all connect and lean on each other whether
it’s artistically, or intellectually, or having fun in the dining hall. It’s
Juan – Great.
Nate- Hi guys I’m Nate Jones and I’m a sophomore in CC majoring in
theater and psychology, and my favorite part about Columbia – this sounds cliche
but it is the people, they never fail to make me happy. Juan – Great. And so we’re here with Mya she is the Chief of Staff at JUV consulting can you tell us what we’re doing today?
Maya – Yeah, so we are here at one of the top Fortune 500 companies, giving a
presentation on Gen Z marketing, Gen Z consulting and how brands can better
reach our generation.
Juan – Great, thank you so much! Maya – Of course! Hi everybody, so update: I just left
Brandon Joseph’s class for 20th Century Art for my Art History degree, but there
is a lot of overlap with the Visual Arts major and I’m here with my friend Julie.
Julie – Hello! Juan – Tell us about the Visual Arts program here. Julie – So, I’m going to be majoring in Visual Arts, and I’m currently taking a
painting class Painting 3 with Rochelle Feinstein, who is a contemporary artist. She’s a guest professor, which I really like, that they invited like actual artists in the field
to come teach, and something that I really like about the department is that
we access to like open studio spaces so we can just go in whenever and paint our
own paintings or do a sentence for the class throughout the entire week so that
was really good resource for us to have as students making art!
Juan – Great, thank you so much! So I’m right now grabbing dinner
with my friend Milagro. Milagro introduce yourself
Milagro – Hi guys, my name is Milagro I’m a junior in CC studying Race and Ethnicity Studies, and I’m the community coordinator for Casa Latina, which is a special interest community for Latinx students on campus If you ever have any questions about what it’s like to be a Latinx student on campus, please feel free to hit us up on Facebook also, next year we’re moving into brownstone, so come stop by and say hi! Please count us out!
Three, two, one Un grupo unido jamás será vencido, Sabor!